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People who love going barefoot all the time as a lifestyle choice. Informative articles and links.

Non-profit organization providing information on commute and transportation alternatives in the Portland, Oregon metro area.

Portal advocating car-free and car-light lifestyles. Letters and commentary, car cost calculator, hikes and event information, and related links provided.

Directory of resources for the grassroots global carfree movement, including organization contact directory, magazine, conference information, discussion forum, publications, and links. A project of World Carfree Network.

Colourful community group who dresses up as dinosaurs and rides bicycles around Vancouver, B.C. to draw attention to the environmental problems with cars.

Childfree quotes, blogs, apparel, message board, and a list of childfree celebrities.

A civil site for those wanting to discuss, talk or rant about the kid-centric world. Features: user-submitted articles, message boards, and resources.

A social group for women 35 and older in Edmonton, Alberta who do not have children and who want to connect with other women living the same lifestyle.

A support group for women childless by any of many possible circumstances.

A non-profit social club for couples and singles who are childfree.

An informal child-free social group for non-parents (singles and couples) in America's national capital, Washington DC.

Provides information for Massachusetts.

A clearinghouse of childfree-by-choice information.

The site is about childfree news and social issues as well as defending Adult Spaces from improperly socialized kids, parents, and Disneyfication.

A single-thread forum for the child-free to post rants and discuss world events as they relate to being child-free.

Provides information and resources for seekers of community, including large directory, classified ads, Communities Magazine, Communities Directory, sale of community-related books and materials.

Scholarly group which studies present and past communal societies of the United States. Includes membership information, fellowships and awards, publications, conferences, links, and bibliography.

Network of communal (income-sharing) groups in North America, includes information about member communities, articles about communal life, and related resources.

Specializes in design and development consulting for community housing, participatory and sustainable design.

Includes a list of cohousing communities, resources, classified ads, event listings, and a list serve, sponsored by North American non-profit.

Resource for cohousing communities in Canada, working together to create healthy sustainable communities.

Intentional communities and ecovillages in Europe

Web pages of the Ecumenical Community of Taizé in France

Organisation for housing co-operatives, tenant-controlled housing organisations and regional federations of housing co-ops.

Community of eco housing in Bishop's Castle, Shropshire. Homes, residents' experiences and the philosophy behind the scheme.

A group of families, partners, singles, and retirees dedicated to creating a cohousing neighborhood in Paso Robles, California.

Community in Northampton, MA. Includes a FAQ on cohousing in general and this community in particular.

Rural intentional community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia has an unusual structure of multiple subgroups, some of which are income-sharing and some not.

Small, close-knit, income-sharing egalitarian community, located at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri.

An intentional community modelled after the Moravian order started by two hermit brothers, with the goal of creating a place for creating awareness of how we live as well as introspection. Pitman, Pennsylvania.