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Christmas countdown information and widget.

Backgrounds, wallpapers, coloring pages and other images for Christmas.

Free Christmas clipart, screensavers, fonts and web graphics for the Christmas holiday season.

Get creative Christmas letter writing advice and ideas, or use the instant letter generator to automatically create a personalized Christmas letter.

Christmas messages for greeting cards.

Historian Maria Hubert presents excerpts from her books and collected writings, photographs, and artwork.

Provides information on the history of the holiday, traditions, Santa Claus, as well as origins and trivia.

Provides information, and history on this event.

From pagan origins to its modern reinterpretations.

An examination of the British tradition folklore figure, Father Christmas. His history, appearance and the difference between Santa Claus.

Encyclopedia of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and traditions around the world.

Legends and stories about Santa Claus, reindeer, and the Christmas tree.

Holiday stories from around the world.

Features some of the most popular Christmas poems and stories. Also includes list of ways to say "Merry Christmas" in different languages.

A compendium of holiday stories. Includes Frosty, Rudolph and the gift of the Magi.

A collection of classic Christmas poetry and prose.

Large collection of Christmas quotes sorted by topic.

Guide to Christmas songs and albums, primarily rock and novelty, from the 1950's to the present.

Free MP3 Christmas music, sound effects, clip art, stories, and gift ideas.

Free MIDIs, MP3s, lyrics and WMF files of original and traditional carols and songs.

Lyrics and MIDI music to traditional Christmas songs and carols.

Carols in English, Spanish, Latin, French and German, including lyrics, MP3s, and related material.

Allows to create a free Christmas music playlist, with MP3 files and lyrics.

Printable song lyrics, music trivia, historical information on popular Christmas music.

Traditional instrumental music, free and legal mp3 to download.

Christmas songs sorted by genre and artists.

Traditional Christmas songs in midi format available for free download.

Christmas songs for kids, Christmas carols.

Reviews of Christmas records from around the world, both singles and albums, as well as as feature articles detailing history and global cultural context.

Includes lyrics of carols and popular songs.