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A selection of stories about historic people and events.

A search tool devised by Bamber Gascoigne, combining timelines from his HistoryWorld with text and image search from Google or Wikipedia.

Source for history, original content, including multimedia exhibits, as well as links to other sites. Topics include world history, American history and current events.

A collection of links to articles on various history subjects from ancient history to modern times.

Provides a way to view history by time period, event or person.

A community of scholars and students dedicated to the study and practice of history with emphasis on Caribbean, African, Asian and Latin American Studies.

A project to ensure the continuity and availability of Web sites related to Rhodesia. Information about domain and web services.

Memorabilia, articles, links

The place for homesick Africans, containing information, pictures and history of the country.

Studies on Central Asian art, linguistics and archaeology in honour of Boris Marshak.

Detailed account of the defeat of Atilla the Hun at this decisive battle.

Dedicated to the first US military involvement in Korea in 1871. Stories and photographs about the action.

Chronicles the art, archaeology, history and culture of Chandraketugarh, near Calcutta, an important medieval site.

Gandhi's life and work. An informative site, also a large collection of links to yet more information.

Learn about the memorial museum in Mumbai which housed Gandhi. Includes biography, letters, quotations, library, photographs, and artifacts.

Gandhi quotations and links reflect his ideas about spirituality and non-violent action, as well as his deep commitment to individual liberty and the minimal state.

Biography of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, presented through speeches, audio, video, photographs and other documentation. Site is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Short account of the life of the Rani of Jhansi.

In the course of his four voyages this explorer lost nine ships. Select a shipwreck and find more information about it.

Built in 1787, it is the oldest and only surviving plantation house on Anguilla: one of the few plantation houses in the Caribbean where the entire complex of buildings have survived virtually intact.

His contributions to the study of Cuba, the history of sugar in this country, and the Caribbean region.

Documents, pictures, sound and video files, downloadables, and products.

Provides a history of this business located in Dominica.

Timeline of events.

Collaborative effort, including an open wiki, to collect and promote knowledge, analysis and understanding of the Haitian revolution of 1791–1804.

Deep file of official election and plebiscite results, 1920-present.

Blend of history, contemporary news, wit, wisdom and humor viewed from the Puerto Rican Jíbaro lens.

The Borinqueneers. History of the Puerto Rican 65th Infantry Regiment, including casualty lists and Medal lists. News and photos from the Korean War.

Nonprofit organization created in 1980 to conserve the natural, cultural and historic fabric of the Island of Nevis.