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Artist explores the gestural abstraction of the imagery of letterforms themselves. Provides catalog of works, biography and exhibitions.

Calligraphy and handwriting workshops, commissioned illuminations, gallery collection. Scriptorium St Francis is an international calligraphy correspondence program founded in 1996.

Belgium based artist whose work explores the boundaries between calligraphy and image. Provides gallery, filmography and biography.

Calligrapher, illustrator and lettering artist located in San Francisco, California (USA). Provides galleries and a short presentation.

Calligrapher artist and designer located on Vancouver Island, British Colombia (Canada). Includes gallery, calligraphic journal and teaching.

Contemporary Japanese calligrapher based in Waterloo, Canada. Provides gallery and author's artistic philosophy.

Based in Southern Connecticut, she works as a painter and calligrapher and has taught workshops throughout the USA.

Lettering design, expressive handwriting and calligraphy for advertising: specializing in hand lettering and typography for book covers.

Calligrapher born in Vietnam and located in California (USA). He uses latin alphabet with chinese brush techniques. Provides gallery and presentation.

A design studio offering graphic design, calligraphy, and illustration.

By Siu-Leung Lee. Brush calligraphy is an art unique to asian cultures and one of the four basic skills and disciplines of the Chinese literati. Gallery, styles, links.

Presents information about calligraphy, including types of writing and historical masterpieces. Also provides paid services relating to chinese calligraphy.

The works of Tomoko Kodama, innovative teacher of sumi-e and oriental calligraphy. Explanation of technique and galleries of works by teacher and students.

New Mexico studio and gallery offering Chicnes calligraphy classes.

Biography of award-winning artist, links to on line galleries of his seal and calligraphy work.

Learning Chinese and calligraphy online or offline.

Based in New York, she utilizes natural materials, such as tendrils, leaves and thorns which are arranged in a Calligraphic formation.

Chinese and Japanese calligraphy history and techniques.

Non profit society formed to promote, inspire, encourage and share the art form of calligraphy. Includes newsletters, events and contact information, Based in Calgary, Alberta.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, provides program, workshop and membership information. Includes newsletters and member showcase.

Non-profit association which seeks to advance the knowledge and appreciation of calligraphy. Includes membership information, workshops and exhibitions.

Non-profit guild dedicated to the art of calligraphy and related subjects. Calendar, workshops, classes, and exhibits. San Diego, California.

The international organisation for professional calligraphers and enthusiastic amateurs with worldwide membership. Provides member exhibition and application form.

A non-profit educational organization which promotes the study, teaching, and practice of calligraphy and related disciplines. It fosters the appreciation, understanding and acceptance of calligraphy as a fine art.

Information for membership, journal, workshops, exhibits, and classes. View online videos of calligraphy events. Also includes history of calligraphy and information about free lance calligraphers in the DC area.

New England Calligraphy Guild. Provides membership information, resources, newsletter and member list. Based in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Formed in 1976 to help, encourage and inspire those interested in calligraphy and handwriting. Includes membership information, calendar of events and gallery. Victoria, BC.

Group based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Offers information on meetings, membership, workshops and exhibitions.

Exists to promote calligraphy, to encourage all forms of its expression and to provide opportunities for artistic and technical development.

An organization of persons interested in calligraphy. Includes workshops, meetings and newsletters. Atlanta, Georgia.