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Explore the figure through assemblage and mixed media paintings.

Found object assemblage art including kinetic and illuminative sculpture.

Peter Foley's Studio E-6 in Palo Alto, CA,with a gallery of large scale mixed media assemblages.

Creates artworks made from recycled computer parts, crocheted wire, and digital photography transferred onto metal. Some of the items exhibited are for sale.

Real name - Gregory Warmack. This prolific Chicago artist uses bottle caps, industrial sandstone and used paint brushes to create primarily figurative works.

Bottle project by San Francisco Bay area social sculptor on spiritual quest, gifting to the recovering alcoholic world community.

Playful and spirited, worn and wonderful, like long lost treasures found in an abandoned basement, a collection of sculptures and assemblage pieces, most made from found materials, both man-made and natural.

Everyday objects become models of skyscrapers. Visitors are invited to submit their own models.

Post-modern shrines and totems - assemblage - combining found objects with painting and text to explore themes of the secular and the sacred.

A major exhibition of 17 works at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri in 1998.

Biography, information, exhibitions listings and a photo of this California artist. No works shown on this site.

3-D wall constructions includes artist's statement, gallery, and contact information

Sculptor Gordon Bennett creates named robots from found objects, displaying his work at City Foundry in Brooklyn, New York. Image gallery with price list.

Costa Rican artist living in France, with photo gallery of recent works, list of shows and works in public collections, and biography.

Works in mixed media, including assemblage, and constructions with found objects in an abstract, and expressionist style.

Galleries of calligraphy and artist books. Calligraphic and book arts world travel guide. Australasian Lettering Link. International mail art gallery. Alphabet Forest.

A resource for visualizing and calligraphy of Buddhist mantras and seed syllables.

International Lettering Arts Conference. Artists, educators, entrepreneurs, historians, authors, students, and hobbyists are expected to be in attendance.

Calligraphy artworks, calligraphy workshops, courses on calligraphy and lettering. Exhibits of the art of calligraphy in Moscow.

Nihad Dukhan offers a modern interpretation of the art of Arabic calligraphy.

Biographies and virtual gallery of the work of Kamel El Baba (1905-91) and his son Mokhtar, who offers custom Arabic calligraphy. Information on the development of Arabic calligraphy.

Samples of the work of a calligrapher from Islamabad, who works in both Arabic and Persian, on religious and poetic texts. Includes biography.

Mamoun Sakkal discusses the Arabic language, the origins and development of the script, and the Kufic and Cursive styles. Hosted by Sakkal Design.

A brief description of the Qur'anic manuscripts dated from the first century Hijra are presented.

Information about this art and its history, principles, related arts. A few Persian masters are introduced and you can find masterpieces on the gallery.

You can get your name written in a beautiful Arabic writing.

A gallery of heraldic art, calligraphy, and medieval illumination. Includes news and information on commissions.

Lettering artist and calligrapher provides gallery original works including monograms and logos. Includes bibliography and list of workshops.

Gallery of work includes design and fine art pieces. Provides information on courses and lectures.

Calligraphy and letter art by Dublin, Ireland based artist. Provides workshops, gallery and biography.