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Personal pages of a forecaster and essayist. Essays, interviews.

Reviews of new and potential developments in science and technology.

Jeffrey Newman examines the future of the globe, assessing probable scenarios, including the potential for human extinction in the not too distant future.

A futurist ethics blog that explore all avenues of human progress through the eyes of a future conscience.

Discussion and wagers on important future events.

Book discusses Moore's Law (computers double in "intelligence" every two years) and how AI will inevitably surpass human intelligence in about 20 years.

Civilizations have predictable life cycles.

Presents a futuristic scenario based on the ultimate outcome of the Internet and biotechnology revolutions; promotes discussion and debate of present-day technological and social trends.

Twentieth century predictions of future technology that never happened.

Consensus view of the future based on user generated predictions.

A timeline of our apocalyptic future if religious-based predictions all come true.

An article by Carlo Kopp analyzing the behaviour of Moore's Law and speculating on likely future outcomes.

Futurist lecturer-consultant who specializes in technological, social and educational forecasting. Materials in English and Hebrew.

A social experiment that harnesses the collective intelligence of the web to visualize and uncover hidden relationships among future events.

Analyzes historical events through the flow of generations, comparing today's generational attitudes to those of the past, thereby producing analysis and forecasts of news, politics, culture and finance.

Timeline of the future culled from science fiction writer Robert Heinlein's works.

A project to build a floating city which will continually circle the globe.

Based in Palo Alto California, this non-profit research center specializes in long-term forecasting, and quantitative futures research methods.

Interdisciplinary resources for futures research on solidarity, sustainability, non-violence, human development, gender equality in secular and religious institutions, and the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. By Luis T. Gutierrez.

Explores possibilities for the "posthuman" future created by increased merging of people and technology via bioengineering, cybernetics, nanotechnologies, and other emerging innovations. Offers an academic journal, e-zine, FAQ, discussion lists, and references.

Peter Voss's reply to J. Storrs Hall's "Ethics for Machines".

How genetic engineering will get rid of suffering in all sentient life

The ethics and usefulness of "wireheading" for human beings - the practice of directly electrically stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain.

Information on the Singularity, superintelligence, Powers, Jupiter Brains, Alpha-Point cosmologies, posthumanity, Apotheosis et al. "The four virtues of an SL4 post are Intelligence, Fun, Importance, and Future Shock. (Any post should include at least one.)"

Principles that define and describe "Singularitarians", who seek to accelerate the arrival of a safe and benevolent technological Singularity.

Futurist, co-founder and chairman of the Extropy Institute.

Founder and director of the Transhumanist Arts and Culture World Center, president of the Extropy Institute.

Novels, essay and poetry that contribute to the quest to create a pathway to a world of equality, freedom, love and peace.

Dedicated to creating sustainable communities on both land and sea, based upon new technologies and time tested principles of respect, inclusion, love and stewardship.

Futurist Anni Macbeth provides seminars, workshops, keynotes, and essays; current and archived newsletters and articles exploring forecasts, ideas about the future, and life coaching based on current and emerging trends of change.