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Futuristic site on global ethics, Earth Charter, the future of science and religion, the purpose of life.

Offers masters degree in Applied Conservation and Community Development centered on field experience in bottom-up planning of community futures and sustainable development in Tibet, India, Peru,and Afghanistan.

This survey considers earthquake, pandemic, alien aggression, interplanetary impact, supernova, ice age, nuclear catastrophe, bioterror, and nanotech robot aggression.

Subtitled "A survival manual for humanity", this online book attempts to summarise problems threatening humanity's very survival, their causes and possible solutions to them.

The site author, Alan J Bessant, introduces his thesis and promotes understanding of the Universal Extinction Constant and Extinction Threat Level.

The site intended to prevent the cataclysmic end-of-the-world scenarios caused by advancing technology. Articles, news and media references.

Dedicated to education regarding the prospect of indefinite life extension technologies. Offers forum, chat, frequently asked questions, and articles of interest.

Forum established to discuss what our future will be like in several different areas, such as technology, computer, economy, politics, war, and sociology.

An online network of individuals from around the world supporting physical immortality and life extension ideas. Offers forum, frequently asked questions, and scientific articles.

Basque futures consulting firm specializing in economic development and local and urban planning using trends-based impact assessment and strategy formation.

Futurist, Techno-Philosopher and emerging technology expert. NY, NY.

Contains current papers, interviews, letters, lecture descriptions, publications, and reprints; each focused on a different change trend.

Offers presentations and workshops focused on emerging Internet trends and their impacts on organizations; site contains article reprints and description of "Future Check" workshops.

Lectures and workshops to improve thinking, leadership, and awareness of emerging change; includes lecture and workshop descriptions, books, videos, and downloads of powerpoint slides.

Services include research on emerging issues of change, scenario building, keynote speeches, workshops, and strategy formulation; "Insight" essays on futures thinking. Principals: Jennifer Jarratt and John Mahaffie.

Firm founded in 1977 identifies and evaluates emerging issues of change for strategic management. Services include research, workshops, and speaking; the "From Our Files" section offers synopses of past trend reports.

Leadership workshops and training programs for businesses and organizations; focused on multiple leadership skills including foresight.

Consultant with expertise in industrial automation offers technology foresight, business strategies, angel investing, and merger and acquisition services; site features extensive essay collection and annotated bibliography.

Includes futures research-based presentations, essays, course syllabi, research tools, and group process exercises to enhance foresight in communities, organizations, and individuals.

A fee-based service linking futurists, decision-makers, and business leaders in order to inject foresight into decision-making and expand available foresight tools; organizes conferences, research reports and projects, and workshop; site offers some links to relevant readings.

Forecasting and foresight for businesses, emphasizing creativity and the unexpected for purposes of branding, reinvention, and strategic positioning; on-line resources include program descriptions, articles, book reviews, and "news from the future."

Coordinates requests between organizations and futures speakers and facilitators for lectures, briefings, workshops, and conferences; lists sample forecasts.

Offers keynote speeches, seminars, scenario building and preferred future workshops; site contains many articles on future trends, ideas on business, space, and science fiction.

An executive advisory firm formed by Alvin and Heidi Toffler. Helps companies and governments create their future through the appropriate strategic approach. Main office in Massachusetts, USA. Company profile, services, team, and contact information.

A business futurist consulting lead by Carolyn Corbin, offering keynote speeches, executive briefings, customized research, seminars.

Internationally active group of experts on future management in enterprises, organizations and government administrations

Insights on how organizations can effectively and successfully keep their eyes on the future. By futurist John Mahaffie.

A consulting firm focusing on strategic future issues and corporate foresight.

Report from the year 2029: local markets have become an important complement to the established global economic system.

An outline of processes for developing progressive alternative societies.