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Everything you want to know about European graffiti (in German and English).

Gallery of pictures of walls with things written on them.

Article by E. S. Novik discussing the relationships between rituals and folklore texts.

Search or browse 12,000 proverbs from 300 cultures and countries.

A collection of citations, proverbs, and expressions about insects and spiders.

Search or browse nearly 3,000 proverbs with more be added regularly.

Africa based site with extensive collection of proverbs in various languages with explanations, book reviews, bibliography.

Promotes proverbs from the continent of Africa.

Fifteen Greek proverbs with explanations (in English).

Small collection of proverbs (in Arabic and English).

Nursery rhymes illustrated with computer graphics to teach children abstract thinking.

Words and illustrations for the songs contained on the CD of the same name, along with several sample recordings.

Containing nursery rhymes and songs for children in more than twenty languages.

Mother Goose nursery rhymes illustrated with computer graphics to teach children abstract thinking.

Riddles and knock-knock jokes from all around the world.

Readers' submitted classical bits.

Petit lexique des superstitions et croyances.

Article by Hazel Minot for Sunrise Magazine.

A collection of contemporary fables, parables, and other reports of "things that go bump in the night."

Searchable collection of Aesop's Fables with reader commentary.

Compilation of nearly 400 fables from several existing translations, searchable by prime character; quick tour available.

Essay by Sabine Baring-Gould offering a cross-cultural overview of swan maidens; first published in 1866-1868.

An exploration of tricksters, elves, spooks, and spirits at the fringe of the human imagination and around the world.

Overview article by Charles C. Goodin.

Translated Japanese tales of the supernatural, weird, and strange spirits, creatures, and beasts from history.

Lore, legends, origins and folklore from Germany and Austria; stamps, fossils, relics, postcards, art and sculpture.

Chinese myths, Celestial dragon essay and links.

From various writers, blog articles relating to folklore, fiction, history, traditions, and spiritual beliefs; animated browser game.

An encyclopedia of all the different types of little people, from fairies to gnomes.

Jonathan Wright explores the appearance of miniature doors, windows and spaces in Ann Arbor, Michigan.