Searching in Death

  • A Adults (18 and older)
  • T Teens (13-17)
  • K Kids (12 and under)

A Buddhist insight to help people meet death with grace, clarity, and fearlessness. Includes text of prayers used for Buddhist funeral rite.

Calculates the date of your demise by referencing statistics from the World Health Organisation. Also include a BMI calculator.

Lifespan calculator uses published global life expectancy statistics.

Lists famous people and whether they are dead or alive.

Funeral director from Reynolds, Georgia, available as a public speaker on the lighter side of being a small town undertaker.

Covers all aspects of death and dying - biological, medical, social, sociological, psychological, religious, and philosophical.

List of well-known people with cause of death.

A social franchise based on the concept of people gathering and talking about death whilst relaxing in an informal atmosphere. The objective is to help people make the most of their lives. Includes press coverage, future meet-ups, guides to organising an event, blog posts and art.

Examines the phenomenon of terminal lucidity and the last words of the dying. Offers a submission form for people to share their own experiences.

Provides scans of paperwork for deceased celebrities, including autopsy and coroner reports.

Discussion center for death and dying.

Death Care news and information site. Includes message boards, free daily newsletter, chat rooms, and specials.

Publisher of funeral service industry books and magazines.

Creates reef balls made from ashes and concrete, which are then placed in water to mimic a natural marine reef ecosystem.

Burial at sea options, urns for burial at sea, with burial sites worldwide, information for veterans.

Scattering of cremated remains services in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Hawaii and Alaska.

Scattering of ashes from an airplane over land or sea in Big Bear, California, Agua Caliente Springs, California, Santa Catalina Island, California, La Jolla, California and Sedona, Arizona.

Aerial scattering of cremated remains off of the Pacific coast and other sites by request. Pet services also available.

Cremated remains scattering services. Accompanied and unaccompanied services, specializing in veteran services.

Scattering of cremated remains in Florida waters, including Christ of the Abyss (Key Largo), Veterans Reef, and Anclote Lighthouse.

Scattering cremains to the winds via hot air balloon.

Maritime funeral service providers, serving California and Washington State.

Aerial ash scattering service over ocean or land in California and Nevada.

Ash scattering from within a fireworks display.

Offers scattering of ashes off the San Diego coast. Videotaping available.

Maritime funeral services include attended or unattended ash scattering off southern coast of Rhode Island; burial certificate included with latitude, longitude; available for pets.

Memorial services incorporating cremated ashes into a fireworks display in the UK.

Ash scattering services on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Islands.

Ash scattering and burial at sea services on the San Francisco Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge on a private boat.

Burials at sea aboard a historic 1926 schooner. Attended and unattended memorials are available.