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Official site of Dr. Phil McGraw. Includes a biography, events and tour schedule, online tests, a newsletter and contact details.

Advice exchange; aims to "solve all the world's problems, one hero at a time".

Has many different people who give advice on various subjects.

Deb answers questions and offers advice on many subjects.

An online magazine about sharing, with news plus tips and community events.

Offers some answers for nasty comments, especially when a snappy answer is needed.

An advice column written by a yeti who answers questions submitted by visitors.

Provides smart living tips, and how to live smartly, for the middle class in India.

A directory of guides to help you make better decisions. Offers advice in the form of quizzes to answer, which reveal the results.

Ask questions and get one or more answers, free.

Offers articles about how to become almost anything in various career fields. Topics include tips to get started, education requirements, salary information and career advancement opportunities.

A team of experts give free advice on topics including dating, relationships, family, and health.

A site where users create polls to get advice about issues and society.

Practical advice on social skills, getting along with people, and getting your act together.

Volunteer group of seniors that offers free advice on a wide variety of topics.

Email advice, regular columns, answers questions on marriage, family, relationship, neighbor and work. Archives by subject.

Tips, tools and advice to help you take control your life and find happiness. Topics include life planning, parenting, household management, relationships, hobbies and community involvement.

Online survival guide for anyone graduating college, leaving their parents' house, or entering the real world for the first time.

Thoughts and advice on a broad range of topics pertaining to life.

Offers answers to questions about the world we live in.

Wayne and Tamara Mitchell offer relationship advice; includes a weekly advice column, and questions by topic.

A syndicated column advising teens and twenty-somethings on issues from roommate gone mad to romance gone bad.

Australian woman offers an e-book that contains positive life tips, and empowering, upbeat, self growth content.