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Produces and distributes information about Latino and Latina history, including history of Latino activism, in the United States.

Gives several detailed explanations of bad labor practices and relations with customers and neighbors, with links to external articles.

Describes campaigns relating labor practices, environmental issue, and drug safety. Formerly known as Bayerwatch. [English/German/French/Italian/Spanish]

Urges boycotts of three large food producers - Phillip Morris, Nestle, and Unilever. Includes background information and links to sites detailing the offending activities of each. [German/English]

Devoted to Microsoft's downfall.

A look at the view opposite the Microsoft spin machine.

A group of concerned citizens aiming to preserve the Anclote River in Florida, and opposing a 24-hour Wal-Mart Supercenter from opening there.

US-based group provides research, action steps, and resources for community-based efforts around worker rights, local development, and foreign trade policy. [English/Spanish]

A photo collection of people that grace us with their presence at Walmart.

Author Richard Baynton describes some additional costs behind the Wal-Mart price tag.

Organization devoted to reclaiming the media for public use. Includes many resources from current news to activism kits.

Covering the events that provoked the resignation of President Fernando de la Rúa and the participation of the Anarchist Federation of Argentina.

Covering the pots and pans noise protest against the European Union role at WTO Services Negotiations.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources for community building and creative citizen dialogue and engagement.

Organizations and individuals committed to strengthening and uniting the growing dialogue and deliberation field.

Includes the background of this structured form of conversation, with a list of existing cafe groups, and information and resources about how to start a new one.

Sponsors town meeting-style discussions led by a diverse community of world dignitaries, which focus on current global issues, with a goal of constructive change. Describes organizations history, with details of past program topics and leaders.

This US-based nonprofit promotes "leadership development" projects based on community conversations on issues of interest. They provide much high-level discussion of their methodology.

This process for leading collaborative dialogue and knowledge-sharing, particularly for larger groups, is described, with a bibliography and resources for implementation.

US-based consultant offers services in collaboration-building and community planning. Provides overview of experience and philosophy, with client list, resource links, and description of areas of work.

Online version the nation's oldest continually-published housing and community development magazine. A primary forum for organizers, activists, and advocates in the affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization movements.

Founded to help communities improve the way they conduct public business to be more inclusive, more collaborative, and more effective. Based in Annandale, Virginia.

Community organizing handbook designed for use in urban settings. Created by Vancouver, B.C. group.

An overview of Alinsky's work, along with the prologue from "Rules for Radicals".

An organizer describes his own work in the South/Southwest side of Chicago, 1969-73, with some critical opinions of the sustainability of Alinsky's "visionless short-term pragmatism".

Information and products for consumers who want their spending and investing to support their values. Emphasizes inteconnections between human rights, animal rights and welfare, and environment.

Consumer group opposed to supermarket "club cards" and loyalty programs. Lists the card status of supermarkets across the U.S.

Helps people find out about progressive protest, meetings, pickets, strikes, demonstrations, and conferences around the world by providing a central calendar where the times and locations can be posted.

Works to the preserve and support an Internet environment that is open, diverse, and democratic. Includes action alerts, a citizen's guide to broadband, articles, and a mailing list.

An open source project which allows users to crowdsource crisis information to be sent via mobile.