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Webring style collection of artists' sites featuring ASCII and HTML/ ASCII images.

A catalogue of original animated ASCII art. The site features an animation editor, collaboration tools and thematic portals.

ANSI/ASCII graphics group.

A collection of ASCII Art pictures posted in de.alt.rec.ascii-art.

A collection of ASCII art pictures: animals, anime characters and cartoons.

ASCII's from Bulletin Board days. 1994-2004.

ASCII art from itz.

Generate the famous stereogram/ magic eye pictures with ASCII.

Galleries of text art, free downloads, SAC art packs, ANSI/ASCII tools and artist biography.

Art by a:f, keeper of the ASCII Dictionary.

An ASCII turtle and diddles.

Michele's ASCII drawings. Small collection, almost half of it for Christmas.

ASCII art created by artist, ldb. Also, topics related to using and creating ASCII art.

A micro-gallery of minimalistic graphics. ASCII art by Jiri Matejicek.

ASCII art made by Marijn Kampf, MK. Smiley faces and trumpets, transportation and signatures..

The Nerd Boy ASCII comics, fan art and merchandise.

Text art comic, created and coded in a text editor. By Alden.

ASCII Christmas tree available all year around. Made with many languages.

One line ASCII animals.

Small animals and seasonal characters from Janene Murphy.

Rabbits in ASCII. Contributions accepted gladly.

Tadpoles, small and large frogs in ASCII art.

Works a little like a guestbook program but instead of leaving greetings you can show your ASCII Art to the world.

Collection of art by a variety of artists.

Tutorial for those who want to try making ASCII art. Site also has very large alphabetically listed colletction of art. Links to FAQS and other ASCII art pages.

Links to ASCII art sites and resources.

Art from the newsgroup, some very old, with obnoxious comments added to the original artist's work.

An archive of ANSI and ASCII art packs from 1990 to the present.

Picture gallery sorted by topics.

This collection was begun by Paul Tomblin, around 1989. Dan Grunloh rearranged it, added lots of planes.