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Provides luggage, packing aids, books, and clothes. Offers tips and tricks.

A range of supplies and guides. Categorized by product, destination, planned activities, or type of traveller.

Items for the safety, health, and comfort for families on vacation and those on the road.

Provides a wide range of trip related gear. Features tips and an announcement board.

Offers a range of power adapters and transformers for use worldwide with electrical items such as computer equipment, medical equipment, or just everyday household items.

Features a range of items such as inflatable pillows and lumbar supports.

New Zealand books, maps, healthitems and pillows.

Sells Knee Defender, that helps protect knees and legs on airplane seats by blocking reclining seats. How to, news and purchasing information.

Organizer that holds, organizes and protects items like a cell phone, cash, credit cards, license, keys or a hand held computer.

Individual travel sizes in categories such as personal care, medicine, laundry, food, beverage, and pre-made kits. Wholesale pricing and kit customization also available.

Offers plug adapters, converters, and universal power strips for various parts of the world.

Markets small and medium size refillable flasks.

Markets an inflatable pillow that is designed for airline trips.

Provides a range of trip aids from health to security items.

Specializing in luggage and travel accessories for children. Includes games and puzzles, organizers and bike bags. Gift wrapping available.

Offers an FAA approved safety harness for children weighing 22 to 44 pounds. Installation instructions, FAQs, and a photo gallery.

Provides a selection of items including appliances, specialty bags and luggage, packing organizers and clothing.

Australian company offering a range of products as well as tips and checklists.

An approach to beating jet lag using the effects of bright light, melatonin, sleep cycles and meals.

Eyewear technology designed to enable reading in a moving vehicle for those who normally cannot do so due to motion sickness.

Provides travel, safety and personal healthcare products to relieve ear pain from in flight pressure, motion sickness and dental care products.

Information about a motion sickness product.

Provides drug-free alternative treatments for nausea related to motion, pregnancy and medical conditions.

Includes luggage, business cases, and accessories. Features a glossary, travel tips, and carry on regulations for the USA.

Luggage, briefcases, computer cases, duffels and travel accessories.

Retailer of luggage, briefcases and gifts.

Luggage, business cases, leather goods, and travel accessories.

Luggage, business cases and computer cases.

Offers a number of major brands of luggage and travel bags.

Offers luggage, briefcases, backpacks, laptop cases, and travel accessories.