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This book's down-to-earth approach incorporates a touch of sarcasm, a little irreverence and a lot of laughter-the perfect recipe to reduce stress.

A method to conquer excessive anxiety and inhibitions.

Novel (set in the music industry) about one woman's healing from anorexia and bulimia.

By Dave MacEwan. Explains the counselor's new therapy for the treatment of anorexia and bulimia eating disorders; offers key resources, interactive quiz, and free book.

Series of books for laymen on depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia, manic-depression, schizophrenia, autism, orthomolecular medicine, restorative mental healthcare, and self-help.

The Bipolar Diet: Managing Mood, Food and Weight by Sarah Freeman. Also contains information on bipolar disorder and personal story.

A book that identifies the top seven nutrients/fats that alleviate depression. The site provides free resources on increasing depression-fighting nutrients in the diet.

Explores depression and mental illness from a historical and medical perspective and from the personal experience of author Andrew Solomon.

Creates, markets and distributes books, videotapes and audio tapes in the areas of loss, grief, illness, dying, care giving, managing transition, older age, and spirituality.

Bereaved parent,Carla Blowey's intimate account of the healing power of dreams and after-death communications in reconciling the death of her child.

Books on dealing with grief and illness. Also offers community action, and musical, nautical and military history books.

Compilation of works, selected and edited by Pat McNees, to provide practical advice and healing words on loss, grief, dying and bereavement.

Author Gregg Korbon M.D. shares his journey from grief to healing after the death of his 9-year-old son.

Offering support and resources to those who are bereaved, a feedback page for people to share their own stories, online bookstore.

Her poetry captures the devastation of losing a spouse, and ultimately offers comfort and hope to widows and widowers.

Rebuilding My Life After the Death of My Daughter. A book about bereavement, grief, and loss.

Mr. Livingstone describes in dream-like sequences his personal therapeutic experience while undergoing Sandtray Therapy to address the loss of his father during adolescence.

By Sandy Lanton. For children ages 4-8. Captures the emotions of a young boy as he tries to cope with his fathers death.

Book and other presentations about surviving the suicide of a loved one.

Book about a young woman who passes from cancer, and the transition and growth process loved ones go through to learn to let go. Mollie M. Swope.

Guide to ceromonial funeral preparation published by Readsome Books.

Guide for life after a death offers emotional and financial help for those who lose a spouse.

By Derek Dobson, poet and bereavement counselor. Collection of supportive poems, proverbs and quotations.

Author Susan Fuller offers this guide to grieving.

The work of author John Kotre on autobiographical memory, psychological development across the life span, and concern for future generations. Details of books, courses, organizations and other resources.

Author of books on overcoming fear and building self confidence. Biography, book previews, affirmations and news.

Healing and spiritual growth books, videos, CDs articles, and speaking.

Interactive resource book for individuals desiring transformation in their current way of life.

Books and tapes offering treatment for anxiety, agoraphobia, as well as self-esteem.

Publishers of self-help and Christian counselling oriented books and materials.