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Stretchable fabric book covers for hard-covered books.

Handcrafted cloth book covers.

Specializing in custom made wooden slipcases, traycases and clamshell cases for books, CD's, magazines.

Temporary/ removable book covers to hide mass and trade paperback covers.

Large collection of custom printed book box designs, ranging from classical to contemporary. Printed on a synthetic leather, ribbed spine, imitation gold pages, and felt lined interior.

A bookcover to protect your paperback book while keeping your privacy.

Decorative metal bookmarks, t0 hook over the book's spine.

Offers decorative metal bookmarks with international art graphics. Located in Switzerland.

Made of laminated strips of postage stamps.

Custom designed and stock bookmarks.

A decorative, elastic bookmark that stretches to fit any size book and stays firmly in place.

Custom bookmarks with photographs and text. Laminated or UV coated.

Designed to keep it's place automatically. The spring keeps pages marked while reading. Fits hard or soft cover books.

Bookmarks designed to stay on your book until removed by the reader.

A range of book holders and covers in various sizes, colors and patterns.

Allows reader to view comfortably for uses such as cooking, typing, or one hand free reading.

Offers book holder for hands-free reading with print books or ereaders.

Featuring book holders designed for hands-free reading, treadmill, or use in bed. Also includes wrist support for use with a computer mouse.

Adjustable floor stands designed to hold books or tablets.

Book holder fits around the outside of your book, yet pages easily turned. Leaving your hands free. Easy to use, no moving parts, designed not to damage your book.

An ergonomic book and document holder with a high level of adjustability..

Multipurpose angle adjustable slant board book and lapto holder with stand for reading, writing, drawing and sketching. 20 angle settings.

Offers a variety of books and price guides related to collecting and collectibles, especially 20th century.

Collectors' price guides.

Offering kerosene and oil lamp catalog reprints, as well as related trade cards, advertising covers and broadsides.

Books showing antique country store items and saloons and breweriana and their values.

Books on Oriental rugs, carpets and other ethnographic and historical textiles.

Fine Numismatic Books is the largest and longest currently active rare numismatic literature auction firm in the world. Upcoming auctions, rare reprints, and glossary of book terms.

Dealer in numismatic books, periodicals, catalogs, and ephemera of the world.

Specialized in numismatic literature of Bulgaria from ancient coins to their modern forgeries.