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Variety of medical supplies, autoclaves, power supplies, needles, accessories, inks, cleaners, and flash racks.

Wide assortment of body modification and related merchandise including: tattoo machines and inks, flash, body paints, mehndi, piercing supplies and jewelry, books, and an artist listing.

Piercing and tattoo accessories and machines, as well as a jewelry selection including bead, coil, heart, and star rings, nostril screws, and specialty rings.

Offers a selection of equipment and supplies for both piercers and tattooists. Includes books, videos, machines, inks, professional tools, power supplies, medical supplies, tubes, tips, grips, needles, and accessories.

Education and resource group offering information on tattooing, permanent makeup, and body piercing. Product line includes: topical anesthetics, permanent makeup pigments, and supplies for the professional practitioner.

Water based makeup for face painting and a selection of related products. Information, links, FAQ section, image gallery, and a photo contest. Trade show listings and "ask the expert" section.

A selection of stencils, paints, and equipment as well as marketing information, advice on material selection, and step-by-step application instructions.

Selection of temporary tattoos and sunless tanning products. Free tattoo gallery, as well as samples of airbrush tattoos and body art.

Paint-on temporary tattoos, henna, beauty mark kits, and an airbrush makeup kit. Professional kits and instructions also available

Offers a variety of colors as well as metallic decorative dust and applicator brushes. Also includes instructions on how to make gloves and other body decorations and a photo gallery.

Airbrush products and services including air compressors, paint supplies, stencils, training information, and a gallery.

Manufacturer and distributor of a variety of paints including fluorescent, metallic, neon, and solids. Selection of accessories also available.

Selection of airbrush equipment and accessories with a free how-to section, chat forum, and artist directory.

Basic and themed ceremonial kits, as well as historic information, links, and an image gallery. Wholesale information available.

Black and brown henna application kits and sheets of sample designs. Site in English and French.

Importer and exporter of mehndi products including pre-mixed paste, bulk powder, stencils, applicators, books, and essential oils. Information on the history of henna, photo gallery, artists links, and a shopping mall.

A selection of pre-mixed paste, kits, powder, application tools, and oils. Also contains information on usage, a FAQ section, and an image gallery, as well as an artist corner and free designs area. Wholesale pricing is available.

A selection of colored henna paste, application tools, designs, cosmetic dyes, and kits. Also features a free design section, image gallery, and a FAQ section.

Henna paste and powder kits, bulk powder, stencils, carrot bags, books, bindis, and jewelry. They also have information on body art application and the history of mehndi.

Henna kits, powder, paste, and bindis. Designs available for download, a fact sheet, and directions for henna application and removal.

Features a selection of kits, powder, applicator bottles, and design sheets. Also contains links, a FAQ section, and image gallery.

Henna powder and paste, stencils, oils, and accessories.

Suppliers of natural, colored and black PPD free henna. Also provides free stencils.

Artist supply group offering kits, black henna, tribal and Celtic stencils, crystal body-dots and tattoo jewelry. Wholesale information is also available.

Selection of kits, hair dye, FAQ section, patterns, stencils, oils, and indigo.

Ointment to help heal and protect new tattoos. Includes ingredients and usage instructions.

Machines designed by Danny Fowler, as well as inks, needles, and supplies for the professional.

Comprehensive selection of power supplies and meters, foot switches, sterilization equipment, machine parts, needle making supplies, clipcords, and gloves, as well as a selection of accessory items.

Display fixtures and protectors for fine art, posters, and tattoo flash racks.

Selection of inks shown in a color chart as well as mixing caps.