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Reproductions of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Buddha and Hindu statues, ancient arms and armor, and curios.

Handmade imported functional and decorative art and jewelry from Africa, Papua New Guinea, South America and the Orient.

Indigenous, ethnic and tribal artifacts, crafts, textiles, and jewelry from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Handmade arts, crafts, jewelry and linens, from around the world.

Gifts that make a difference, ethical fair trade gift and crafts products from a range of developing countries.

Foods, cookbooks, music, movies and belly dancing CDs, from the Mediterranean including regions of Armenia, Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

A collection of art, paints and textiles from a variety of cultures including Vietnam, Botswana and Guatemalan.

Specializing in tribal art from Angola to Zaire, stools, masks, statues, jewelry, and animal skins.

The pieces are carved using different types of stone, including Serpentine; non-precious opal; verdite; and Rapoko.

A variety of authentic African art pieces, antiques, sculpture, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

A selection of African themed art and jewelry.

African art and crafts from community organizations in Kenya and East Africa. Candlesticks, greeting cards, and wood carvings.

Masks and tribal art from all regions of Africa. Also includes drums, dolls, jewelry and oil paintings.

Offers artifacts, handicrafts, handmade products and cultural images from African tribes, in particular the Ashanti of Ghana.

African collectibles, jewelry, crafts and artwork.

African art, clothing, weapons, jewelry, and other items.

Sales of kitchenware, home and garden accessories, hand drums, clothing and jewelry from Africa. Ships in USA.

Supplier of handmade merchandise such as jewelry and statues.

Personalised cartouche jewelry (your name in hieroglyphs).

Personalized cartouche jewelry handmade in Cairo, Egypt.

Egyptian jewelry and cartouche.

Authentic Egyptian artifacts including amulets, ushabtis, mummy masks, and sarcophagi.

Offers a selection of statues, jewelry and housewares.

Los Angeles store and on-line retailer of Moroccan Art, rugs, mosaic tables, lanterns, clothing and wooden furniture. Also offers event planning and rental.

Offers a variety of furniture, jewelry, bedding and decor items.

Specializes in handmade carpets, clothing, and jewelry from Morocco.

Lamps, furniture, wrought iron, tiles, tents, fountains and rugs.

Offers Moroccan home furnishing, lighting, fashion and clothing.

Florida-based retailer, offering wide range of Moroccan goods, including furniture, clothing and home accessories.

Retail and wholesale direct importer of doors, lamps and lanterns, mirrors, chairs and tables, jewelry, and tiles and mosaics.