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Offering pearl jewelry for babies and little girls.

Offering children's necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and hair clips.

Offering amber teething necklaces and bracelets.

Providing shoes containing the child's name.

Offering porcelain baby shoes, including the child's name written in 24k gold.

Porcelain shoes come hand customized in 24k Gold.

Baby shoes and keepsakes preserved with its details and colors.

Personalized porcelain baby shoes with the name, date, time, weight, and length of new baby hand painted on.

Offers shoe bronzing, casting and 3D impression kits.

Offers framed keepsakes according to user specification.

Hand and footprint keepsakes in crystal or bronze. Swedish site offers international shipping.

Provides home or studio visit services for 3D casting of babies' hands or feet.

Complete baby footprint and handprint kits, as well as hand casting mold kits.

Offering handprint and footprint plaster cast kits for both children and pets.

Offering 3D hand and foot mold casting kits to create keepsakes of baby, child, adult or pet, including shadow box kits, ornament kits, shoe bronzing and pregnancy belly cast kits.

Offering baby shoes and bronzed impressions of baby's hand and foot.

Baby shoe bronzing and customizing of other bronze keepsakes.

Twin and multiple themes on shirts, caps, mugs and gifts, along with accessories including slings, strollers, backpacks and crib dividers. Resources also available.

Funwear for twins and triplets as well as their families. Information on preparing and caring for twins and triplets.

T-Shirts for twins, triplets, higher multiples and their families.

Offering unique twins items such as nursing pillows, clothing, furniture, and strollers.

Clothing and gift shop with special designs for multiples of all ages, their families and home.

A boutique specializing in unique clothing and gifts for twins and their families.

Offering clothing and other baby gear for families with multiples.

A lovely plaque including baby's date of birth, time of birth, weight and measurement.

Offering chenille gift sets, traditional crib blankets with satin binding, christening gifts, and birthday gifts.

Offering a hand painted and personalized name plate including Hebrew text, English name, and birth date.

Unique personalized custom made knit blankets, dolls, and bears.

Offering keepsakes displaying child's birth date and birth information.

Custom embroidery including receiving blankets, burp cloths and hooded towels for both infants and toddlers.