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PhotoModeler Pro is a Windows program that extract measurements and 3D models from photographs

Home of Sample Champion, a real-time software tool designed for high precision acoustic measurements.

Home page of SysQuake, powerful software for scientific visualisation. Through innovative use of interactive graphics, SysQuake reveals insights into complex mathematical systems.

Inspiration Software- a graphic organizer ideal for both education and business diagramming , concept mapping and process mapping.

CoHort Software creates graphics and statistics software for scientists and engineers. CoPlot is an extremely versatile program for creating publication-quality scientific graphs, maps, and technical drawings. CoStat is an easy-to-use program for data manipulation and statistics.

Custom science, engineering, and mathematical software for business, academia, research, and government.

Software for the preparation and editing of scientific manuscripts.

Sensitivity test and analysis software for Windows platforms. Also includes descriptions of the algorithms used and a glossary.

Customized scientific computer applications on Unix and Windows platforms and distributed systems. Bothell, Washington, USA

Deconvolution and visualization software for microscopy, available on Windows, Mac, Irix and Linux.

Offers ScanIt, a utility for obtaining numerical data from a scanned bitmapped graph, and COCO, a chemical and thermodynamic simulation package.

Develops business simulation games and applications.

Engineering consultancy and software specialising in Systems Engineering using Dymola, Modelica and FMI.

PLECS is a unique tool for the fast simulation of electrical circuits within the Simulink environment. Although specially designed for power electronics systems it is a versatile program for any combined simulation of electrical circuits and controls.

FLexible Analysis and Mission Effectiveness System (FLAMES) is a framework for behavioral simulations computer programs that simulate the physical and cognitive behavior of complex entities that act and interact in time and space.

Produces and sells ultrasound simulation software, Wave2000, markets a finite element stress analysis package named FEMdesigner and does research on 3D display systems, orthopaedic research, and the non-invasive assessment of bone for diagnosis of osteoporosis.

International, multidisciplinary forum dedicated to research, development and applications of simulation.

A space simulation software development company. Products range from the integrated Shuttle mission simulation package, to its family of Interactive Space Simulations.

Manufacturing, medical, and service simulation modeling.

Two stroke and four stroke diesel engine simulators are available. The short history of a diesel engine simulator is also included.

The software for modeling, analysing and optimization of dynamically stressed, complex nonlinear systems.ITI GmbH Dresden,Germany.Simulations in hydraulics, pneumatics, mechatronics, drive system, rail vehicles, shipbuilding, control systems.

Simulation, Neural Nets serving simulation of human behavior, combination of virtual and live images, augmented reality, high-altitude long-endurance unmanned air vehicles.

Description of Nielsen Engineering and Research's indicial prediction system technology. Includes generalized impulse response identification for unsteady aerodynamics, aeroservoelasticity, earthquake engineering, electromagnetics and nonlinear sea-keeping.

Build your own interactive simulation and publish it as Java applet on the web. AgentSheets is an agent-based simulation-authoring tool. The user community ranges from elementary school kids to professional scientists.

PMC is a simulation and scheduling services company with expertise in applying simulation and scheduling in manufacturing and other industries. PMC also provides technical staffing in simulation and industrial engineering as well as contract program

Modeling simulation systems engineering, evaluation studies analysis, electro optic photonics training education. ACSL HLA Lab Works LabWorks Verification Validation.

Provide consultancy services and the SystemModeler physical modeling and simulation tool.

Program for manufacturing, logistics and material handling.

Tools and services to accelerate control system engineering, modeling and simulation software products.

Useful links to simulation tools, used in discrete event simulation and applications in animated battle simulations.