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Resources on risk assessment and risk management in medicine, environment, and society at large.

Professional society for those interested in understanding and interacting systemically with reality. Emphasizing system-level approaches to evolution of and applications of science in society.

Collection of articles covering science, technology, and society. Includes stories on evolution, industrial chemicals, energy, and materials.

Educational organization created to facilitate the exchange and cultivation of interest in interdisciplinary science research. Publications and details of forthcoming conferences.

Researches bibliometrics and other quantitative measures of scientific work for use in public and private decision making.

Essays, reviews, and other opinion pieces presenting scientific and science policy topics without the jargon.

A quarterly journal devoted to science and technology issues and their relation to social and political affairs

Addressing such issues as environmental, health and safety implications of technology, engineering ethics and professional responsibility.

A scholarly association devoted to studying science, technology and society.

An exploratory project to apply the philosophies and activities of Creative Commons in the realm of science. Science Commons works in three project areas: Publishing, Licensing, and Data.

Newsletter covering science related to politics and policy, compiled by physics professor Bob Park. Includes a searchable archive going back to 1987.

Seeks to ensure that the decisions of Congress, regulatory agencies, and the courts are based on the best available scientific information.

Science and Public Policy Program and Science School.

An interdisciplinary scholarly society, addressing the history, philosophy, psychology and sociology of science.

European Studies of Society, Science and Technology. Includes details of the master programme and the participating universities.

Focused on science, arts and letters.

From the founding editor of Wired, a series of posts, with public comments, on the future of science, technology, and society.

Links maintained by Tennessee Criminal Law Defense library.

List of programs on criminal history, folklore of crime, forensic science, with details of next public address by crime-historian and storyteller at the Museum of Long Island Natural Sciences at Stony Brook, New York.

The use of geology and soil science in criminal and civil matters. The science is described and references are provided along with the author's personal and contact information in Missoula, MT.

Links relating to ballistics, gunprints, wound analysis, software, chemistry, narcotics and other subdisciplines, organizations and agencies from New York City.

Overview of the topic from founder and professor of the Forensic Science Program at the University of New Haven, editor of academic journals, article and book author, and Chief Emeritus of the Connecticut State Police.

Information, resources, databases and links about the human iris as a biometric trait, including identification.

A free portal relating to computer forensics and investigative techniques for digital and computer forensics professionals and students.

Growing project explaining digital forensic aspects and source for such material. Collection of information about computer forensic techniques and tools.

Forum for discussion of electronic evidence, data recovery, news. Includes articles, course list, weblog and related links.

A non-profit, volunteer organization, sponsors of annual conferences, technical working groups dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and ideas about digital forensics research.

Open Source Digital investigation software.

Specializing in computer and digital forensics, eDiscovery, online document hosting and trial support.

Explains history, privacy, security, statistics and case examples, with FAQ to justify the instigation of DNA fingerprinting upon conviction, for criminal records held in Ottawa, Ontario.