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Selected analysis, opinion, features, background and book reviews from international news sources. Includes email updates and links to breaking news sites and sci/tech publications.

In response to decreases in science coverage by the media, highlights the latest discoveries from leading universities in the United States and Canada. Articles allow for reader comments and linking to social networks.

Offers space, science and technology news and information and an online community and forum.

Publishes a weekly selection of current news, research, and reports, updating the online database with thousands of articles each week.

Automated website that displays the most popular science news items of the day.

Daily general science and research news, physics and nanotechnology headlines.

Aggregates quantum physics and nanotechnology news stories.

Features articles covering a range topics, including health, psychology, biology, cosmology, geology, technology, math, computer science, and archaeology.

Twice-weekly review of mainstream French press on topics of science and technology. From the Office for Science and Technology, Embassy of France in the United States.

Latest science news articles, automatically update from all major science sources every 5 minutes.

Provides latest science news. Also offers science forum, free blogs, and science protocols

Breaking news on a broad range of topics, including astronomy, archaeology, paleontology, medicine, biology, physics, genetics. Provides information on latest significant breakthroughs and discoveries, updated daily.

Current news stories with a focus on space, environment, health, tech and nature.

Reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour from the eyes of the researcher and the interested public around the world.

Provides latest news on the life sciences, health, technology, environment and space.

Provides news on current and future projects, policy change and problematic issues within science, technology, education.

Offers latest science news, research and articles from all around the world.

Provides latest news stories on recent developments in science and technology

Gives an overview of science, research and universities. Provides information on employment, careers and daily life as well as scientific news, the science job portal

Providing the latest science news and information from top Australasian universities and research institutions.

Brings breaking news from higher education institutions around the world.

Produces a two-minute sound portrait every weekday, providing recordings of nature, culture and science worldwide.

A long-running, wide-ranging 90-second daily science news feature often addressing listener questions. Archives in Realaudio format.

Talk radio broadly focused on the life sciences, physical sciences, and planetary and space sciences, as well as K-12 science education and the intersection between science and art.

Community edited science weblog and discussion forum.

Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.

Discussion and education on renewable energy, permaculture, biofuels, and independent living.

Provides coverage of space and science news.

News and discussion about energy, fuels and the environment.

News and technological innovations in space exploration.