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Database of Indian exporters and importers dealing in scientific equipment.

A consumer based link list for laboratory equipment giving independent and professional equipment recommendations. Registration required.

Search for lab products and services, worldwide by product name or company name.

Offers equipment for removing water from a substance without cell collapse of biological organisms. Can be used for freeze drying flowers, food, pharmaceuticals and old books.

Sells analyzers, environmental monitoring, samplers, life science equipment, sensors, lab safety supplies, and wastewater testing products. Located in Pennsylvania, USA.

Resource site providing lab equipment information and troubleshooting. Users can post questions and find answers to their equipment needs.

Titrators, pH meters, conductivity, DO, ORP, water quality meters and other lab equipment for lab, field and process use.

Offering products for the production of purified water, replacement filters, custom water purification filters.

Scientific apparatus, disposable lab supplies, safety products and lab equipment including furniture.

Instruments for measuring the conductivity, resistivity, salinity, total dissolved solids and temperature of aqueous solutions.

Offers a range of products and services in the areas of analytical instrumentation, signal and monitoring, lasers and photonics, biotechnology, imaging and systems customization.

Sells data loggers, chart recorders, weighing scales, calibration equipment and laboratory instruments to industries and institutions. Service area is focused mainly in the Middle East.

Supplier of laboratory equipment and scientific instruments for physics, chemistry and biology labs.

Suppliers of a wide range of school and science lab equipment.

Sales, support and consumables including spectrometry, chromatography, and life-sciences products from Agilent Technologies.

Provides innovative laboratory glassware, plasticware, equipment and accessories to the marketplace.

Manufacturer of laboratory equipment liquid handling, volumetric instruments of glass (and plastic), reusable and consumable plasticware

A supplier of laboratory apparatus and instruments for Science, NIR-Spectroscopy.

Distributors of prepared and dehydrated media, glassware, plasticware, chemicals, reagents, buffers, filters, equipment, and gloves from a wide variety of manufacturers. Online catalog for your convenience.

Indian manufacturer and exporter of bioreactors, autoclaves, laboratory pcr, centrifuges, ovens and other laboratory equipment.

Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment and supplies, tubing, pump systems, glassware, process automation and fluid handling equipment. General lab supplies.

A lab supply distributor. General laboratory supplies. Registration required for use.

UK supplier of specialist measuring instruments including thermometers, hydrometers, pressure gauges, transducers and process control equipment.

Distributor of general laboratory, chromatography and environmental monitoring equipment and supplies. Also provides technical support, validation, repair and calibration services.

Laboratory equipment, scientific supplies and instruments for chemistry, research, and biotechnology laboratories.

Laboratory air and gas drying unit is an all-purpose drier. Vent Drier Systems for drums and small tanks, drying organic liquids, polyurethane reactants, gases and solids. Drierite is anhydrous calcium sulfate.

Supplier of a wide range of high-technology analytical and research equipment, molecular biology reagents and kits, rapid tests, fine chemicals and consumables.

A biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and distributes systems comprising instruments, consumables and reagents for use in laboratories for life science research, cell technology, molecular biolology, cell biology, liquid handling, centrifugation and sample preparation.

Lab supplies for physics, chemistry, and biology courses. Products include microscopes and audio/visual aids.

Manufacturers of quality, robust portable thermometers, probes and manometers.