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List of links for those, who want to examine theories that are on the fringe of accepted scientific thought that are related connected to astronomy. A few examples are astrology, UFO's, the "Face" on Mars, and ancient astronaut theory.

Information and articles on astronomy, space and related topics. Also features a friendly forum and a telescope buyer's FAQ page.

Gives overview of the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, extrasolar planets, cosmology and astrophotography. Includes images, additional resources, and forums.

Contains 3D maps of the universe zooming out from the nearest stars to the scale of the galaxy and out to the surrounding superclusters and finally to the scale of the known universe.

A retired physicist surveys the entire extent of the universe touching upon phenomenon from the largest to the smallest size and covering the entire cosmic interval from past to present.

Show universe in terms of distance from Earth center. Includes such things as satellites, planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies, out to cosmic microwave background radiation from the Big Bang.

The Department concentrates on observational astronomy and provides education from undergraduate to Ph.D. level. Provides details of research projects and outreach. English and Spanish.

Astrophotos, articles, discussion boards, telescope making, observer's logs, and calendar.

Project links, weather, comet observing, interest links, minor planets, and resources.

Getting started, CG-5 mount, SAA 100 list, constellation portraits, barn door tracker, comet Hale Bopp, homemade eyepieces, EQ mount tutorial, millennium rant, and biography, home.

Includes galleries, equipment reviews, articles, observation planning, and links.

Contains sections for equipment, the beginner, books, the solar system and deep sky, web log, and links.

Equipment, astrophotography, terms, forum, photo archives, chat, and links.

Supporting the hobby related web sites throughout world.

The menu is appetizers, specials, and main course.

Gallery, about the artist, and essays.

Images, events, news, information, games, awards, and links.

Visual and CCD photomety, including classic and digital astrophotography. Presents equipment and resources. Located near Plomin in eastern Istria, Croatia.

Blogging the sky one sidereal day at a time.

Contains current space news, useful astronomical utilities and information, and amateur images. Includes clickable Messier and Caldwell object tables.

Weekly podcast providing discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology.

Project to provide an astronomy podcast every day of the year, written, recorded and produced by people around the world.

Practical and educational articles to help the urban and armchair astronomer get the most out of the hobby.

Photo gallery, discoveries, details about personal observatory, and chart of large solar flare activity.

Dedicated to amateur radial velocity studies.

A collaborative effort with public participation to build a statistical model of the galactic planetary census.

Areas covered include optics, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, programming, and telescope equipment, and tips and techniques.

Information and photos on the construction of the observatory.

Features plans and designs for stepper or servo motor layouts as well as features, free software, how-to information, and links.

Telescope mirror making supplies and tutorials.