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An account of "Green Children" and several other topics.

Information about Vastu Science, Vastu corrections, Yantra.

Information and articles, including cryptozoology, UFOs, crop circles, and ghosts.

Society engaged in efforts to communicate with higher level, nonhumans such as whales and dolphins.

Environmental anomalies. Updated reports about science, medicine, the environment and real X-Files.

E-books about riddles in science, including ancient astronomy, prime number patterns, medical abuses. Text partially or wholly free.

The solution to the riddle of life and consciousness.

An extension of The Gaia Hypothesis covering geology, planetary origins and cosmology.

Vastu is the study of planetary influences on buildings and the people who live in them, and aims at providing guidelines for proper construction.

Research in Sedona, Arizona with regards to geomagnetic anomalies and vortex energy.

A free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions. Hidden science, free energy, Earth changes.

Article by James A. Marusek on being prepared for the possibility of a time when the sun goes magnetically quiet and the Earth experiences natural global cooling, resulting in little ice ages.

Examines the connections between ancient civilizations.

Infinity in astronomy, cosmology, physics, philosophy and religion.

Site presents the argument that the DNA helix theory is incorrect.

Lays out Gaian principles, discarding religious beliefs and the belief humans are superior to other life forms. Discusses Gnosticism and the alternative Grail.

Includes FAQs, pictures, and videos.

Includes symbolo-poetic descriptions of the base metals of alchemy, as well as a section on the four medieval elements. Alchemy is presented as implicitly related to occult transformation and magic as well as to traditions in history and literature.

Also offers Spagyric courses, from history, theory, and inner work to practical laboratory operations and medicine making.

A very large collection of high quality alchemical resources created by Adam McLean, a well known authority on and enthusiast for alchemical texts and symbolism, the editor and publisher of over 40 books on alchemical and Hermetic ideas.

Includes membership information, a schedule of meetings events, educational material and links.

Alchemical Education, continuing in the tradition of Frater Albertus and Paracelsus College. Classes, articles, alchemical products.

Alchemy links and resources.

An online version of the book by Lapidus discussing theory and practice of Alchemy.

A gathering of alchemists from all around the world.

A woman who claims to be able to predict volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Her story, references and an email alert subscription form.

The story of a young man found on the streets of Nuremberg in 1828.

Reports about odd noises, weird weather, floods, mudslides, eruptions, earthquakes and species 'die-offs' worldwide. Includes a forum for discussion.

A source of information and products about solar alignments and ancient astronomical observatories and monuments in harmony with seasonal rhythms and terrestrial cycles.

Astrophysics and interstellar technology. Hot topics, new theories, and astronomical phenomena.