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News, photo gallery, calendar and fan forum.

Biography, filmography, message board and fan fiction.

Archived database offers video files for actor Gerard Butler.

A compendium message board dedicated to Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Registration required for some areas.

To become fit for a king, 300 star Gerard Butler trained harder than most pro athletes for 4 months straight. But his biggest challenge came when the cameras stopped rolling. By Jeff O'Connell.

Offers gossip, news, photos, interviews, film reviews and shopping.

Gerard Butler might be an actor whose face you'd struggle to place, yet to a global army of female fans he's a minor deity.

The law is apparently willing to bend for Gerard Butler and offer him an out. By Steve Anderson.

Biography of the Witchblade star.

US based SAG/AFTRA actress. Includes resume, photos, demos and contact details.

California based actor. Includes resume, photos, video clips, reviews and contact information.

Chicago based actress/singer. Includes resume, photos and contact details. Requires Flash.

Washington based actor/voice artist. Includes audio demos, photos and contact details.

Memphis based actor. Includes resume, photos and agency information.

US based actress. Includes resume, photos, news and contact details.

Los Angeles based Asian male actor. Includes photographs, biographical details, resume, current projects and links to other actors and entertainment resources.

New York based Equity and AFTRA actress. Provides a biography, production stills, voice over clips, contact facilities and details of forthcoming performances.

Los Angeles based actor. Includes resume, photos and contact information.

Minneapolis based actor. Includes current projects, resume, headshots, production photographs, and contact information.

Ohio based improvisational actor. Includes biography, resume, photographs, demo reel and contact details.

New York City based film, theatre and television actor. Includes photographs, resume, video clips, reviews, a biography, contact details and news of forthcoming projects.

Los Angeles based SAG member. Includes a biography, photographs, resume, video clips and contact facilities.

Offers engagement information, photo gallery, email contact and related links.

Provides biography, career credits, photos and contact information.

Provides contact information and related links.

Provides resume, photo gallery, headshots and contact details.

Provides resume, career credits, vocal samples and photo gallery. Requires Flash.

US based SAG member. Includes photographs, resume, biographical information and contact details.

Film posters, biography, filmography, contact details, links and a report on a fan's meeting with the actor.

A fan site containing photographs following the actress's life.