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Official home page of the province. Facts about the islands, history of the autonomy, as well as links to local government bodies and institutions.

Study programs and survival guide for international students.

Schedules and fares for ferries and buses. Route map, FAQ and picture gallery. Some documents in PDF format.

Directory of local postcodes and post offices. Stamps, phonecards and collectibles for sale.

Peace research, seminars, conferences, and education in conflict management. The focus areas include security policy, autonomies and minority groups, and issues relating to the Baltic Sea region.

Stereoscopic photo gallery. [Java and 3D glasses required.]

The local parliament. Information about the MPs, working procedures, elections and the province's relationship to the EU. Includes an unofficial translation of the Act on the Autonomy.

Brief information and photographs of local churches.

Insurance and investment services.

Official site with information for inhabitants and tourists.

Includes information about the history, culture, activities, lodging, restaurants, recreational activities and tourist attractions of the municipality.

Dining with a scenic view of the archipelago. Guest harbor, cabins and bicycle rental.

Tourist information and brief history of the island.

Guide to tourism, recreational activities, accommodation, culture, events and services on the islands.

Governmental institution cultivating and promoting the art and Albanian culture. Includes information on events, projects, partners and donors.

Contains some authors and their works in sculpture, picture and handcraft.

An online art gallery for Albanian visual artists all over the world. Directed to art buyers, art directors, editors and professional talent seekers.

Her books, short stories, and works in progress.

Film about the history and culture of Albania.

Singer, composer and producer; includes her biography, reviews, details of fan club and news, also videos and photo gallery.

Provides information on the company and its coverage, events, services and contacts.

Publisher and exporter of books, magazines, newspapers and printed materials. Importer of foreign publications. Includes information on publications and authors.

Company which buys, sells and rents homes and apartments in Albania and Kosova.

International transport company operating in all Europe, especially in Albania and Italy. Provides information about their services, equipment and contacts.

Aims to provide with marketable skills and to reinforce moral values. Includes information on the organization, foreign language and Albanian for foreigners classes, and computer classes and certification.

Educational and cultural relations organization. Includes information on services, projects and events.

Includes a list of members, composition of committees and groups, and constitution of 21 October 1998.

Features details of Albanian communities in several countries, with pictures, maps, articles, links, and news coverage.

A directory of sites relating to Albania.

Contains business and touristic information, and information on the Albanians in the Balkans. Includes cuisine recipes, Albanian fonts, and a map of the country.