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Films from Algeria

Provides country briefing, statistics, e-business environment and latest analysis. From the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Provides current status of loans and grants, latest Project Appraisal Reports (PAR), Country Strategy Papers and press releases.

U.S. government PPP monitors and reports on regional security for American businesses operating in the area. Provides daily news, overseas posts, country councils, travel warnings and travel alerts. From the Overseas Security Advisory Council.

Data, charts, scores and rankings on economic freedom in the country, a joint project of The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal.

Catalog and search facilities for over 500 databases from 55 countries including case-law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals, and other materials.

Includes government overview, elections, news and links.

Information about the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria. In English and French.

Provides general information from a Columbia University source along with categorised web links.

Profiles of people and institutions in the country, organized by topic and searchable by name.

Arabic newspaper with translations of a few of the news reports. [Arabic, English, French]

Independent news agency's coverage of the country.

Provides current national news, travel, and business information. Page also offers articles on recent events from areas on the African continent. Page includes webpage search and photos.

Provides contact information for groups of women helping others.

Information about the living languages of the African country including language map, population, region, classification, dialects and alternate names.

Comprehensive directory of international organizations, governments, private sector development agencies, civil society, universities, grantmakers, banks, microfinance institutions and development consulting firms. Includes contact information.

News, reports and success stories for the country including AI Annual Report entries for the past ten years. [English, Spanish]

General information about the town including location, climate, community, geography, history, religion, and language.

Schedules, tariffs and contact information for ferries operating in Algeria,

General tourist information along with details of each city and place.

Independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of trade and investment between the United States and Angola.

Investment Incentive Agreement between Angola and the United States. From the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a US government agency.

A charitable organisation that aims at helping meet the challenges for basic education in the country through the Angola School Project (ASP).

English and Portuguese information resource about Angola provided by the Embassy of Angola in Washington DC.

With basic information on Angola and its politics.

Accredited to, and provides information about, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo.

Provides information about the country's geography, people, government, economy and tourism. From Thomson Gale.

List of the major National Parks in Angola. Some may have been destroyed by the constant civil war.

Aims to increase the capacity of non-profit, civic and development organisations working within the context of Angola's humanitarian crisis, through improved communications and information exchange. [English, Portuguese]

Humanitarian news and analysis on relief, development, social, economic and political affairs, by the Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.