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Online edition of the book bearing the same title. Features world records arranged by category, the Daily Wow selection, games, and user favorites. Flash plugin recommended for viewing.

Records, amazing stories, supernatural tales and funny pictures.

Billed as unprovable and theoretical, records to be challenged include biggest face, fastest clown and flattest monkey.

Includes some information about records including oldest person, fastest insect and deadliest spider.

Categories include amazing feats, mass participation and the human body. Includes a submission form to request onsite attendance for an upcoming attempt.

Wilson Casey holds two world records for the longest trivia broadcast and longest radio broadcast by an individual.

Authored by a woman holding four world records, after travelling the world on a motorcycle over the course of five and a half years. Includes her résumé, statistics from the journey, information about her childrens' charity and press articles.

An individual who uses his attempts to garner publicity for charitable causes. Certificates held for longest land distance traveled in a male chastity device and most swimming caps worn at once. Details his achievements, attempts upcoming and ones being considered.

Norwegian-born man nicknamed King Whiskers, who had the world's longest beard, measured at 18'6" long. Provides photographs and his biography.

Has articles on the world's most statuesque people with an outline of various disorders that can cause this. Includes a discussion forum and press clippings.