Searching in Maps

  • A Adults (18 and older)
  • T Teens (13-17)
  • K Kids (12 and under)

Contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Global mapping service including street maps of Europe, North America and Australia.

Online maps collection with political and economical overview of each country.

Displays country and ocean maps, followed by demographic data on each reviewed area.

Online interactive map of the world, with detailed street atlas for North America.

Look up countries, cities, and airports and obtain topographic maps, weather data, and selected satellite imagery.

A collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on according to the subject of interest.

Satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in Flash. Based on different data that can be chosen by a click.

Showcases a new mapping technology with street views of locations in Thailand and USA.

U.S. government map portal providing access to many government branches including USGS, Census, U.S. Forest Service, NOAA, National Park Service and others.

Displays maps and computes distances along a geodesic path with an aviation focus. Includes a database of airports and other locations.

Internet-based geographic information software designed to allow users to view and analyze data online.

The IAMA's main purpose is to promote the professional trade of antiquarian, collectible maps and related books combined with promoting public interest, appreciation and education with respect to antiquarian maps.

London-based organization for those interested in maps, including collectors, dealers, librarians, and academics. Activities overview, events calendar, journal, library, and resources.

Scans of maps and charts from various historical books.

A collection of historical maps at very large resolution. US only.

Online maps, directions, address search, road conditions, and other information and/or links.

A hack that uses Google's mapping application to help record distances traveled and calories burned during a running or walking workout.

Collection of off-beat images from Google Maps.

Armchair sightseeing, with links to many famous places and landmarks. Browse by location, category, and most popular.

Sightseeing using google satellite maps with links to many famous places and landmarks

Game using StreetView images that drops the player in a random location and challenges them to work out where they are.

Maps of different parts of Germany at the end of the 18th century drawn by the author and links to maps of the same period show the political division of Germany

Antique maps (pre-1800) for the Pacific Ocean and its islands.

On-line exhibitions of antique maps of Turkish Empire and Asia Minor (present day Turkey).

Maps showing political status of Europe and Mediterranean basin at the end of each century from AD 1 to AD 2000, plus maps of historical battle sites. Site in English and French.

A list of sites with historical maps.

Independent association of map librarians. Membership information and publications.

Thousands of online historic maps. Includes searchable index of historic maps on over 100 other online collections.

The Free Wiki World Map – An openly licensed map of the world being created by volunteers using local knowledge, GPS tracks and donated sources. Includes an interactive map and details of how to get involved.