Searching in Knots

  • A Adults (18 and older)
  • T Teens (13-17)
  • K Kids (12 and under)

Video tutorials for over 70 knots. Features climbing knots, sailing knots, everyday knots and tie knots.

Animated knots. Includes fishing knots, outdoor knots, boating knots, paddling knots.

Knot diagrams and links. Includes alphabetical index of knots, categorized links.

Collection of common and less common knots. Includes drawings and user comments.

Knots to tie shoelaces. Features illustrated and annotated techniques, knot comparison and ratings.

Knotting and pioneering. Includes animations, diagrams, PDF files of applied knotting techniques.

Video tutorials. Features step-by-step clips for over ten common knots including stopper knots, hitches, loops and bends.

Teaching aid about surgical knots for medical students. Discusses knot structure, knot performance and tying techniques.

Reference page of website promoting knot-learning app. Includes basic description of 100+ knots as well as videos and diagrams.

Common boating knots. Offers animated diagrams, instructions, comments.

Detailed document by Kenneth Laidlaw. Covers rope rescue equipment and techniques.

Compares abseiling knots. Includes test results and references.

Knotting with colored plastic string. Features a collection of projects and photo tutorials of stitches.

Common Chinese knots. Includes nomenclature, translation notes, tips and step-by-step photo tutorials.

Chinese knotting. Includes discussion, projects, and diagrams and instructions for the double coin knot, the double connection knot and eight others.

Knotting with colored plastic string. Includes photos and instructions for projects and knotting techniques.

New and unusual ornamental knots. Features knot gallery, video downloads and book preview.

Knotting projects using paracord. Features tutorials for items such as key chain, leash and hammock.

Several common fishing knots. Includes instructions and diagrams.

Fly fishing knots. Features color diagrams and instructions.

Animated color diagrams for over twenty fishing knots. Features chart of all knots and short commentary.

Video tutorials for over fifty fishing knots. Includes description, user comments.

Knot-tying tool for anglers. Features videos demonstrating how to use the tool, order form.

Common fishing knots. Offers step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

Video tutorials of common fishing knots. Features the palomar, improved clinch, bimini twist, no-name, Albright and big game knots.

Blog presenting various fishing knots. Features videos, pictures and strength ratings.

Over fifteen common and fancy tie knots. Includes comparison chart, multiple methods for the Windsor and half-Windsor, diagrams, instructions.

Chart with tie-knotting diagrams. Features the half-Windsor, four-in-hand and bowtie.

Over fifteen necktie knots. Includes tips and diagrams.

Common knots. Features instructions, color diagrams, videos, untying tips.