Searching in Flags

  • A Adults (18 and older)
  • T Teens (13-17)
  • K Kids (12 and under)

Contains general etiquette, vertical display, and order of provincial flags.

Includes information about flag care.

Care, respect and history of the American flag.

Animated flags of all the countries of the world and their dependencies. May be freely used on personal pages.

Translate your initials into nautical signal flags.

Flags of European minorities.

Features drawings from the Flag Institute Collection.

Country flag images from around the world.

Searchable database of information and pictures of flags from every country, as well as each of the United States.

Flags of all nations, sorted into several categories, with information about each country and its location.

An alphabetical list of each nation's flag. Includes a list of flags of each of the United States.

Current and historical flags by time period.

Offers the national arms of Andorra as well as arms of Andorran towns and villages.

Description of the national and political party flags.

Brief description and history of the flag. Also contains information on other national symbols.

History of the nation's flags.

An insight of Cuban emblems and flags, including history of present flag, old flags and coat of arms of regions and cities with description on each.

With images of flag and naval variation, description, and brief history.

Images in several sizes.

National and state flags and official flag-raising days.

National, region, department, and province flags. [English, French, German]

Information on its meaning and symbolism.

A detailed look at the "Golden Arrowhead" flag of Guyana.

Description of the national flag, shield, tree, flower, and animal.

Description, list of flag days, and usage guidelines.

An autobiographical narration of the flag and information about the amendment to the flag code on January 2002.

Learn about Naveen Jindal's battle and his victory, following which the Government passed an order allowing all citizens the right to fly the national flag on all days.

A non-profit body to promote the national flag. Contains details of Mr.Naveen Jindal's court battles and victory, objectives, events, and exhibitions.

Information on the flag's adoption and changes over the years.

Shopping site featuring flags for each of the regions of Italy.