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Users can ask questions, answer questions, and collect points for questions answered.

Ask an expert or share answers. Features questions and discussions on diverse topics.

Ask a question in one of over 300 categories.

Ask questions for answers and chat from other community members.

Weblog-style site that will answer questions about blogs, websites, and other things related to the internet and technology.

A collaboration network of professionals in information technology are available to answer questions. All users may ask or answer questions and earn points for answers.

Dr. S is an educational psychologist and college faculty member who will answer questions about educating children, public schools, or any educational issue in general.

Provides experts via chat, video, or email.

Auto mechanics, doctors, accountants and other experts answer user-submitted questions for an agreed upon fee.

Allows users to pay for experts, technical assistance, web searching and document delivery.

Offers inspiration, marketing ideas, research, and negotiating. Advice on spiritual matters and relationships.

Ask questions and get answers in chemistry, math, physics, statistics, business, finance, advanced math, and engineering. Offers homework help, online tutoring, and assistance with online classes.

Ask questions and browse existing answers from experts in various categories.

Provides answers from finance and accounting professionals for a fee. Users can submit their question, and then accept or reject the price/deadline offer provided by an expert. Does not provide content to non-paying users.

Offers expert advice on topics including spirituality, nutrition and travel.

Many experts answer questions and provide feedback to homework problems.

Provides free homework help from experts to Indiana students.

Online homework help and tutoring. Post questions and receive answers from students, peers, and professionals in a wide variety of subjects including Java and programming.

Information on Lapland, North Calotte and Barents Euro-Arctic, sami people. Provided via email by libraries and museums in Lapland. In Finnish, English and Swedish.

Quick answers to brief questions about materials in the library's reference collection.

During the academic year, reference librarians are willing to answer short reference questions by e-mail.

Oregon's Live Information Service, email or chat live with a reference librarian.

Ask about almost anything related to the physical world, and check the well-organized archives for answers to previous interesting questions.

Explains design, technology, aerodynamics, history, space travel, and other topics related to aerospace engineering.

Aims to give easy answers to everyday questions. They define words, acronyms, and ideas. They have a computer-related and open-source slant.

Ask questions and get help with your science fair project.

Post questions and answers or discuss topics of interest.

Electronic reference library combining resources of the UK's public libraries. Ask questions and check the archives for previous answers. Find readers' groups and reading links.