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Provides a place for writers to meet and chat about the writing craft, post stories, and meet other writers. Also provides tips, contests, markets and original works.

Place for writers to exchange creative ideas, share their stories. Includes a monthly ezine, chat forum, and other resource links.

A place for all writers, fiction and non-fiction alike.

Community for writers, with postings of poems and stories.

An online community where writers of all ethnicities and backgrounds can share in the joy of writing.

Short stage plays, including one with a military theme.

An on-line magazine that analyzes international trends in art, culture, and society.

Archive for the emailed Capital of Nasty E-Zine.

A magazine of myth, symbol and the extension of the imagination with essays and interviews.

Includes pop/sub/fringe culture topics such as skateboarding, biking, graffiti, slang, and music. Includes a large, user-added slang database.

A collection of contemporary poetry and fiction.

A database of ezines, newsletters, and journals, pushed to your e-mailbox.

Offering electronic magazines listings sorted into categories.

E-zines directory with categories of free ezines, newsletters, email magazines and online publications.

Includes a lot of information about each ezine.

Speculative fiction zine specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories of up to 5,000 words.

A quarterly online literary journal devoted to historical fiction.

Quarterly e-zine of short stories and essays.

Tales of hauntings, personal mysteries, premonitions and remembrances.

Features historical fiction, short stories, editorials, and articles.

Publishes a variety of flash fiction.

Underground Voices publishes fiction, Poetry, and non fiction on a monthly basis. Their selections usually involve mental illness, addiction, or otherwise underground themes. The work is always quality and never boring. They also publish an annual print edition with reprints form their web edition and other originals.

Delivers a new short-short story (1,000 words or fewer) of any genre every day.

Online fiction magazine. Published through 2004, archives still available.

Short fiction zine specializing in stories of 1,000 or fewer words ("flash fiction"). Publishes science fiction, literary fiction, fantasy, etc. Pays professional rates.

Weekly online magazine of speculative flash fiction.

Features interviews with musicians, writers, and artists existing on society's fringes, with articles on bizarre phenomena, fortean subjects, and occult strangeness.

Contains articles on art, fiction and poetry.

Irregularly updated webzine.

An electronic journal highlighting a single story of fictional work by unknown authors.