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Includes listings of top 100 guys and girls. Registration and photo required to vote.

Users can submit their own photos to be ranked, see latest members or participate in the chat room. Who is cuter and 1 to 10 ranking.

Submit and rank photos on 1-10 scale, hot or not and a shootout mode. Has top ten or bottom ten ranked photos, and categories for men, women, couples, bikini shots, bare-chested men and cars.

Users can view and rate snapshots of everyday life or upload their own.

Users can vote on photos of men and women or upload their own pictures and get them rated. Includes top ten lists for males and females.

Member pictures and profiles. Discussion forum and chat. Search by sex or location.

A new twist on the old rating concept where two faces faceoff and a user votes for the favorite. [popups]

Rate girls or guys. Top 10 lists for girls, guys and newest members.

Rate pictures of guys and girls. Top 11 list.

Indian based picture rating system where users can upload their picture and let others rate them.

Photographs of men showing off their chest muscles.

Cast your vote for the hotter of 2 photos, or add your own to the ballot.

Vote yes or no and leave a comment.

A photo rating site with forums and detailed user profiles.

Offers two photographs of the same person to choose between.

Photographs of babies and children with a section for the top and bottom ranked photographs.

Photographs can be voted on to judge a variety of things including piercings, tattoos and hair.

Rate cute little puppies or upload pictures of yours to be rated.

Vote for the cutest cats and kittens, upload photos of your pet cat. Help us find the cutest cats on the web.

Rate my rat allows rat-lovers from around the world to upload pictures of their rat. Users can rate and review each rat.

Submit and rate photos of Mustangs. Comment on posted pictures.

Am I lame or not? Vote on people or add your photo.

Pictures of people vomiting to rate as either tame or gross.

Photographs of evil-looking clowns.

Compare sheep by clicking the best photo.

New Zealand's pet rating service. Top 10 and pet adoption information.