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Over 25,000 names; grammar and naming conventions, bibliography, name roots with dates, place names (cities) with dates.

Resides in Canton of Loch Ruadh (Fort Worth, TX). Includes articles on archery, soapmaking, recipes, costuming, Gulf War XI photos, and persona story.

Consists of Utah, Montana, southern Idaho and the parts of Colorado and Wyoming that are west of the Continental Divide. Awards, officers, groups and contacts, event calendar, law, mailing list, clickable map, officers' handbooks.

Covers Maryland, most of Virginia, North and South Carolina, and a bit of Georgia. Includes calendar of events, announcements, officers, awards and local groups.

Encompasses Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Contains maps, group links, calendar of events, Arts and Sciences information, waiver forms, guilds, combat section, law, heraldry section, officers, awards, mailing lists, and newsletter archive

Located in South Africa. Newcomer information, picture archive, officers' pages, activity schedule, newsletter, history of group, contact information.

Located in Adelaide, South Australia. Newcomer info, populace pictures, notes on past and future events, activity schedule, feast recipes, officers, links (newcomer, garb, manuscripts, A+S, combat, research); archery scores, tourney results, local awards and recipients.

Located in Queensland, Australia. Features meeting times, activities, events, newcomers handbook and officers.