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Organization for those involved in historical reenactment. Membership information, links, glossary and bibliography, employment postings, regional meetings, and board of directors.

Everyday village life of 150 years ago is made avid by knowledgeable interpreters demonstrating life in the 19th Century.

Includes listing of historical societies, organizations, and associations. Articles on reenactment and an events calendar.

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany this group re-enacts the samurai of 16th century Japan. Background on group, contact information, photo-collage of re-enactments.

Dutch re-enactment groups; contact information about each member-group; pictures of multi-period events.

A Tübingen, Germany-based group re-enacting a Celtic tribe of the Hallstat era (first to third centuries (B.C.E.)). Photos of re-enactments, schedule of events. (English, French, German)

A Hungarian group which re-enacts Roman gladiatorial combats. Includes a history of gladiatorial games, description of the group, reenacting photographs and events. [Hungarian and English]

Roman history celebrated through research, reenactment, and active participation in both SCA and Dagorhir. Resources, reference materials, membership criteria, photographs, and schedule.

A links collection for Roman reenactment enthusiasts.

Re-enactment of ancient Celtic warriors from the 1st century BC.

Iron-Age Celtic re-enactment society. Based around Portsmouth and give public displays of combat and living history in the South of England and Wales. Activities, bibliography.

A Basel, Switzerland-based group re-enacting second-century (C.E.) civilian life in the Roman city of Augusta Rauraci and legionary life in the nearby legionary camp of Vindonissa. Photos of re-enactments, schedule of events, filmography of movies set in the Imperial era. Some materials German-only.

Display unit: Vexillatio Legionis Geminae, based at Coventry, specializing in recreating Roman life during the latter part of the 1st century AD. Presents civilian and military living history displays throughout Britain. Activities.

Pennsylvania-based group re-enacting a Roman Legion. Equipment standards, schedule of events, photos of re-enactments, background information on Rome.

Hungarian group re-enacting Roman era as legionaries and gladiators. Photos of re-enactments, schedule of performances.

Hertfordshire, England-based group re-enacting Greek hoplites, Briton warriors and Roman legionaries. Photos of group re-enacting, background information on periods re-enacted.

A English-based group recreating English and French court life during the period 1660 through 1715 and, through "Kirke's Lambs," military life in an English regiment of like period. Description of group, photographs of reenactments, contact information, background on history, culture and ordinary life of the period.

A U.S.-based group re-enacting the Highlander rebels in the Jacobite cause. Description of group, e-mail contact information.

Minnesota-based group re-enacting Scottish mercenaries in the Swedish service. Historical background, essays on aspects of Scottish and military life, photograph gallery and contact information.

Sealed Knot regiment, part of the Western Association in the Army of Parliament. Includes joining information, photographs and historical background.

Sealed Knot regiment, part of the King's Tertio in the Royalist Army. Includes joining information, muster list, photo gallery, history and messageboard.

Sealed Knot regiment, part of the Forlorn Hope in the Royalist Army. Includes history, songs, events list and a messageboard.

Sealed Knot regiment, part of the London Brigade in the Army of Parliament. Includes historical context, how to join and overview of regimental sections.

A year-round re-creation of a rural village in Somersetshire, southwest England, in the year 1376. Offers entertainment, food, crafts, architecture and culture of medieval Europe in a forest setting.

Researching and reconstructing aspects of the 5th to the 15th centuries of any culture group.

Group portrays a Burgundian Ordinance Company of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy in 1471-1477. Members information, events schedule, photos.

Seattle, Washington-based group re-enacting everyday life in 15th century Bruges. Description of group, photographs of re-enactments, contact information.

Association recreates life in Flanders around the year 1302 with very high authenticity. Photo gallery, membership information.

Italian 14th Century group with information on the society, events, photos, video, links and contact information. [Italian and English]

Bologna, Italy based group re-enacting a variety of medieval archery styles. Photographs, schedule, archery manual, contact information. Site in Italian and English