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Enthusiast shares the sport of knife throwing. Offers tips, ideas, advice, knife thrower forum, articles, and newsletter.

Introduction to knife throwing, articles, links, and test reports on throwing knives.

Professional knife thrower introduces his act and publications. Includes some videos.

Community centered on the flipping of balisong knives. It details how to make tricks with butterfly knives.

Weblog with news on knife throwing. Central topics are unusual stunts and sport community events.

Online publication with newsletter and discussion forums. Includes knife collecting, sales, trading, use, care, and safety issues.

Message forum for knife enthusiasts to ask questions and discuss topics with peers. Includes archives of past discussions.

For handmade genuine Gurkha knives and original Nepalese khukuris.

From the Don Guild Collection. Collector offers some of his current pieces for sale.

Learn about collectable folders. Includes descriptions, illustrations, and tips for collectors.

History and photos regarding the 36 patterns of the "Case Classic Knives".

Investment grade knives, includes pieces by Loveless, Emerson, Steinau, Walker.

For hunting, fishing, camping, gifts, presentation, kitchen, and tableware.

Folding knives of various steels, some with titanium bolsters.

Maker of multi bladed and fancy folders.

Large selection of custom knives. Knife information, books, links, and sharpening stones.

From straight blades to folders by maker Gene Osborn.

Materials, machines, and tools for both professional and amateur knifemakers.

Maker from Everett, Washington USA. Shows techniques and processes.

Handmade hunting knives, Damascus steel and exotic material. Shop tour.

Instructions for building a beltsander belt grinder for knifemaking.

Custom handmade knives with engraving and or carving. Skinners, Filet, Bowies from 440C, ATS34, Sawblade Steel.

From rare Damascus steel to bone handle and other exotic materials. Tools for professionals and hobbyists.

Information and links to custom makers, companies, sharpeners and retailers.

Knives by Jamie Boley, of South Dakota. Shop tour, technical information.

Scrimshaw, Japanese swords, flint and obsidian knives. Includes tutorial on Japanese-style knives and swords.

Hand forged cutlery, specializing in mosaic Damascus steel. Classes, forum, articles.

Linerlock folders and fixed blades, curvaceous design, variety of natural materials. Interesting shop tour.

Nepal's first genuine Gurkha knives and original Nepalese khukuris manufacturer. Official supplier to Gurkha units.

Bowies, skinners, art, utility, miniatures, survival. Discusses materials and methods.