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Maryland kite events hosted by The Kite Loft.

Provides listings of events in the United States. Includes links.

Discussions about Kite Surfing, Kite Buggying, Kite Skating and Kite Skiing. Topics include kite traction information, tricks database, product resources and reviews. Official forums for NABX, DBBB and SOBB kite traction events.

Discussion group for visitors to Kitelife. Topics range from current kiting subjects to bi-monthly issues of Kitelife, history, fun and tips.

Russian site with tools for modeling the behaviour of textile structures interacting with fluid.

Tips for tuning a Tim Benson Gemini sport kite.

Gomberg Kite Productions list 250 kite stores in the USA.

The world's premier multiple kite flyer from Vancouver, BC Canada.

The World Kite Museum celebrates the achievements and magic of kiting world-wide.

Long Beach, WA festival held annually in August.

Held annually on the first weekend in March. Includes a list of teachers and classes, photos, and instructor application and raffle forms. Located in Port Townsend, Washington, United States.

Held in Marina California, this festival includes kites, hang gliders, paper airplanes, food and music.

Millennium Kite Exhibition in Billings, MT

Photos and a brief review of the event.

A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and support of kiting helps plan kite festivals each spring.

Kitemakers retreat in January on the Oregon coast. In attendance are kite making instructors from all over the US and the world. Site provides lodging information, instructor bios, and registration packets.

Features events in and around Chicago, other towns in Illinois, Wisconsin and the Midwest.

David McGeachy offers kite and poll aerial photography galleries and detailed images of equipment. (Florida USA)

A photographic Index of my Experiences with KAP. Includes Information about History and Techniques. (US)

KAPing using commercially available kites with home built carbon fibre high-tech rigs. With picture galleries. (Belgium)

Kite Aerial Photography gallery and how to's.

Kite Aerial Photography ideas and images; camera cradles, KAP rig kits, complete KAP systems custom-made by Brooks Leffler.

Kite aerial photography gallery by Gerke Visser, Rene van der Werff and friends.

Aerial photos and 360 degree virtual reality panoramas taken from a kite. With a brief introduction on equipment.

Kite aerial photography of archaeological sites and other places in the world.

KAPing at the geographic South Pole.

Photo portfolio of Miron Bogacki. On page you can view landscapes, pictures form the air, nature, wildlife and travel photography. Photos taken in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Ireland, Iceland, Peru, Venezuela and others...

Busy web magazine with news and information on all types of kite flying.

Member submitted kite reviews and forum.

Kite History from 400 BC to the present This site displays the results of research with national and international companies, museums, kite festivals, clubs and aerial photography enthusiasts. French and English.