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Choose your topic and be rewarded with an "ancient" Viking proverb, or help to create new proverbs in Gorm's Olde Proverb Factory.

Old advice for contemporary dilemmas, covering the age-old topics of dating, love, living together, puberty, marriage, sex, etiquette, housekeeping, and even home repairs.

Humorous relationship advice, consumer information, and celebrity revenge.

Funny answers to questions submitted to "The Big Brain".

Advice from videogame and pop culture icons.

Social commentary and humorous advice that focuses on fashion. Submit your social questions.

Warped advice from an inebriated agony aunt.

Forum offering humorous advice on life and relationships. Free membership.

Hundreds of dumb questions and answers.

Jim and Tim explore implausible uses of the sticky gray stuff in books and appearances on stage and television. Drop-down list with dozens of use categories.

Uncommon advice for those who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

Guidance from an unhappy member of the Camelidae family.

Fun love advice, relationship help and tips.

Comic strip adventures about a happy little rodent.

Campaign to vote Hamster in the 2004 Presidential elections.

Includes the life story of Rocky, a wild mustang, with pictures, a goofy gift shop, music, humorous references, and his resume.

Answers to the age old question, plus games, funny sounds, and the chicken dance.

Holiday photos from this toy marsupial's trips around the world.

Specialists in catering for those who would like to demonstrate a long-term commitment to their pet.

The mysterious world of lofty rodents.

Humorous animal pictures, sorted by type with visitor comments.

Adventures of a toy cow - entertaining to absurd. Pictures, friends, travels, recipes, and links.

This site is dedicated to cows and includes many jokes, funny pictures, comical videos, cow tipping info, cow chip throwing details, shopping and cow related fun. Starring Bessie the cow.

Catch a glimpse of the Llamas in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Learn how monkeys will help save the world from utter chaos.

A guide to celebrating Monkey Day on December 14th.

Dedicated to pro-squirrel culture and humor; offers free electronic postcards featuring squirrels doing unusual things.

Photographs and information about this mammalian threat to mankind as well as games, stories, puzzles, and clip art.

Humor archive arranged by category. Since 1999.

Jokes, pictures, ecards and dancing pages.