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Offers details of field target shooting and air rifle hunting as well as photographs. Based in Portugal.

The club caters for several popular airgun disciplines: 10 metre rifle and pistol target shooting, Field target, and Field Position shooting.

Pages dedicated to serious airguns, airgun products, and the sports that use airguns.

Bulletin board service for online chat with other airgun enthusiasts. One of the best online resources for the airgun shooter that wants answers from experts.

BBS Service for all kinds of airgun shooters. There are target shooting, hunting, Field Target and maintenance categories.

Information about blackpowdershooting in Norway. Articles covering muzzleloading and cartridge guns.

Features information on the building of historically correct American longrifles, otherwise known as Kentucky rifles.

Photographs illustrating the flintlock and how it is used.

Shop offering semi-custom and custom made muzzleloading rifles recreated in the styles of the 1700's. Also features gun kits, accouterments, used guns and a full range of services.

Repairing, restoring, and re-creating historic field guns, their carriages, and support vehicles. Business maintains an ongoing research interest inLoomis' Battery, lst Michigan Light Artillery (Battery A).

Gunsmith specializing in muzzleloaders. Also FFL buying and selling firearms.

Publication for black powder shooters.

Promoting the sport of muzzleloading, buckskinning, history of the fur trade, and the safe use of blackpowder in the state of Nebraska.

S.M.M., Inc. formed as a non-profit, educational organization founded on preserving our early American heritage through living history and the safe use of muzzle loading firearms and equipment.

The Governing Body for muzzle loading within the UK. Its objectives are to encourage an interest in muzzle loading firearms; to promote, regulate and safeguard their use; and to preserve their freedom of collection.

The largest association of muzzle loaders in the United States, promoting the sport of muzzleloading through venues such as match competition, hunting, gun making and safety, historical re-enactments, exhibits, museums, libraries, and other related programs. Publishes Muzzle Blasts magazine.

Official website for the U.S. International Muzzle-Loading Team. Rules, tryout procedures, team news.

The N-SSA promotes the shooting of Civil War firearms and artillery and encourages the preservation and display of Civil War materials.

Non-profit corporation organized to establish a permanent international organization for promotion of the pleasure and recreation of its members interested in the collection and preservation of the Kentucky Rifle, Kentucky Pistol and related accouterments.

E. I. DuPont de Nemours of Pennsylvania began construction of the Belin Plant in 1908, and produced the first batches of black powder in 1912.

Shop in Kempton, PA publisher of "The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Longrifle" by Chuck Dixon.

Muzzleloader products and information.

Manufacturers of 98% pre-inletted black powder rifle and pistol stocks and kit's. line of longrifle, plains rifle stocks in 5 grades of Maple, Walnut, and other woods available.

Muzzleloading and blackpowder cartridge firearms, kits, components, ammunition and accessories for the builder, hunter, shooter, re-enactor and collector.

Supplier of gun stocks and blanks for muzzleloader, blackpowder rifles. Offers curly maple, cherry, and walnut; also expert carving of channels for swamp or tapered barrels.

Manufacturer and supplier of powder horns, cow horns, Ol' Thunder Lubes, round ball for large bore rifles.

Located in Limington, ME. A large independent distributor of black powder in the United States. Offers Swiss, Schuetzen and Goex Black Powders as used in black powder firearms for competition, hunting and historical reenactments.

Discussions on all aspects of firearms, storage, curios and relics. Requires registration.

This is a place to get advice on shooting optics from various models and brands.

Discussion on all aspects of firearms, regulations, training and weapons for sale.