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An international nonprofit association of people working in the public interest to protect the fundamental right to freedom of thought through the use of drugs. Includes news, law library, journal, plus organizational and membership information.

Information and forum about most recreational drugs.

Discussion forum, photos, and user contributions.

A portal for discussion of the drug counter-culture. Featuring news, policy and health discussions, experiences, and techniques.

Pictures and reports. Tips on how to use all the legal soft drugs in Amsterdam. A guide to coffee shops, smokers hotels and what to see and do in Amsterdam.

Includes a guide to marijuana information and sites, also free email accounts and discussion forums.

Information about marijuana and psychedelic drugs including cannabis photos, cannabis cultivation techniques, drug testing information, psychedelic art, and articles from the magazine.

Information about marijuana and drug laws.

Features cannabis FAQs, message boards, live chat, pictures, e-zine, news, and links.

Contains user contributed personal accounts and an invitation to contribute.

List of links to marijuana-related Websites.

Provides forum, weblog, live chat, gallery, calendar.

Archive of stoner shorts, video clips, pictures, writing, and accessories to any psychedelic experience.

Information resource for Jamaican and ganja culture. Includes forums.

Canadian trends, education, information, and resources connected to cannabis.

Australian discussion forum. News, growing tips, and photos.

Photos and links.

Dedicated to foster research, hold scientific meetings, present and discuss research developments in the field and serve as a resource of reliable information concerning cannabis and the cannabinoids.

Pictures and growing information featuring user submitted photo galleries, forum/FAQ, marijuana legalization, cooking, links, and books.

Forums about cannabis culture. Daily postings showing the growth of marijuans plants, from seed to harvest.

Weekly Internet only show that teach growing marijuana.

Forum that provides information on cultivation and consumption of marijuana.

Online marijuana growing community. Forum and news.

Recreational drug use stories and counter-culture news commentary.

A social network and online community for marijuana enthusiasts with user submitted photos and content.

Personal site of a Toronto marijuana activist and writer of cannabis strain reviews.

International Programme on Chemical Safety document describing the effects, dangers, and case reports of adverse reactions from taking this medicine.

Reports by users of this drug. Site run by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

Center of studies for ayahuasca, the sacred brew of Amazonian shamans. Includes information about the center, and their seminars and presenters. Located in Brazil.

The divine cactus in historical context.