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Audio industry, news, reviews, ratings, references, company directory, and cross reference.

Information on mid- to high-end universal remote controls: product reviews; message forums.

Audio resource for manufacturers, forums, magazines and journals.

Focused to stereo high-fidelity, including tube audio, home theater, and especially vintage 1970s gear, even vintage TV receivers. Site offers discussion forums, help, and general information for the audio enthusiast.

Home theater and audio community with product reviews.

Focused on vintage FM stereo tuners. Reviews, explanations of how tuners work, explains about tube tuners, and notes on alleged fraudulent online auctions.

Offers consumer-generated product reviews, ratings, prices for brands and models.

Blog with news and views about the audio industry and design.

Contains pictures of most major recording consoles made in the 20th century.

Describes a few tube amplifier projects including schematics and descriptions of the circuitry.

Vacuum tubes for antique radios and tube audio gear.

DIY resource for Audiophiles. Includes recipes for Cat5 speaker cable, fine silver interconnects, and power cords.

A wide collection of DIY Audio Projects that range from chip amplifiers to speakers to tube pre-amplifiers.

A web community (message forum) for the discussion of DIY Audio.

Very large Web community (forum) for the discussion of diy audio. Registration is required for full access.

Provides details of the design and construction of two PC integrated audio amplifiers.

Projects by Nelson Pass including amplifiers, preamps and loudspeakers. Site offers information on circuit boards, FAQs and how to articles.

Raymond's electronics include vacuum tube audio photos and descriptions of projects.

Includes information on designing and building subwoofers.

Features DIY Speaker Projects and a blog.

A collection of DIY Transmission Line Speaker projects.

Several well documented loudspeaker projects.

Troels Gravesen's DIY Loudspeaker Projects has a number of very well built speaker projects.

DIY subwoofer builder gives tips on the construction of subwoofers, SPL meter usage and home theater setup.

A number of well documented speaker designs that are very practical and keep budget in mind.

Dennis Murphy displays some of his better non-commercial designs and modifications.

A thorough unofficial resource for Nakamichi tape decks.

Roger was former Director of Acoustic Research for McIntosh Labs. Offers information and photos of McIntosh equipment.

System gallery, online user manuals and maintenance information on Thorens turntables.

Collects information on past and present models of Hi-Fi and recording equipment along with links to, history and contact information for companies and individuals active in the field.