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Regularly updated commentary and analysis of rhetoric and spin in politics and journalism.

A weblog that provides daily updates and links to news items and stories related to science and technology, culture, privacy and the media.

Musings on politics, California, water, and otherwise.

News, opinion, and discussion critical of the Bush Administration.

Another small attempt at disseminating progressive thought.

An acerbic, satirical, outraged and occasionally outrageous look at news, politics and miscellaneous oddities.

Canadian conservative weblog that publishes daily commentary on political events in Canada.

A newsletter and website that covers all the news from politics to pop culture, from Jerusalem to JLo. It's your dinner party prep.

London-based Irish journalist, Tom Griffin, offers news, analysis and opinion.

Blogging site with dozens of contributors, covering aspects of the news business from a citizen journalist perspective.

Glenn Reynolds' weblog offers opinions on current events, as well as humor and personal notes.

Offers historical articles and illustrations, as well as current news and opinions.

A blog about developments in Russian law, politics, and business.

Commentary on social, political and economic events.

Political and economic commentary.

Provides personal opinion on events with accompanying pictures and videos. Also has sections for music, movies and technology.

South Carolina based writings also covering what's going on at the White House, around the world and in business.

Offering social and political commentary.

Reports on current affairs from around the world.

Analysis, and commentary of world events with emphasis on the Middle East, the Arab and Islamic worlds. Covers politics, economics, finance, religion, culture, and Middle East security issues.

Comment and articles on current events, politics, and humor.

Provides political commentary, cartoons and opinion.

Indian weblog with information relating to intelligence, terrorism and politico-security matters.

Irreverent political commentary wih cartoons and memes.

Political commentary with a focus on LGBTQ issues. Includes podcasts, videos and a biography.

Covers politics, PC silliness and social issues, with an open forum for readers' comments on chosen issues.

Covering politics, business, lifestyle and science.

A critical review of politics, business and the media.

Offers general news stories with moderated comments from a variety of sources.

Articles written about current affairs across the United States.