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Weekly satire of news and video. All original material faking coverage of sports, entertainment, business, politics, and lifestyle items.

A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.

A satirical take on current events.

Includes video podcasts and news in your briefs.

Weekly world and US stories.

British tongue-in-cheek articles across categories such as environment, health and politics.

"The global satirical newspaper of record".

UK focused silliness with articles written on anything from pompous politicians to self-serving celebrities.

Ridicules politicians and celebrities, and includes reviews, horoscopes, pictures and videos. Supplies podcasts.

Includes absurd world news, silly folk art and odd products.

Presents spoof news and reviews, and dumb text of the week.

Covering politics, celebrities and current events. Includes a stand-up video page for the author.

Articles on US current affairs, celebrities and politics.

Comic strips, drawings and articles. Reflections on politicians and current affairs.

Indian silliness in categories such as celebrity, cricket and politics.

Offers articles on topics such as business, crime and entertainment. Also has reviews.

Featuring political and editorial cartoons, humor columns, fake news, funny videos, movie reviews and user participation.

Offers a round-up of articles covering topics such as entertainment and sports.

Ridiculously wrong reporting from the USA with a broad range of subjects covered including the ubiquitous American politics, religion and health.

Breaks non-stories from the USA and around the world. Writes about topics such as power, money and peasantry.

Provides Kashmir-related nonsense in categories such as society and business.

Community non-newspaper writing about local events and current affairs.

Delivers US political fiction.

Reporting on current affairs and entertainment.

Japanese periodical delivering fictitious reports on subjects such as Japanese politics, society and world current affairs.

Reports on current affairs and sports. Offers an advice page and reviews.

News, reviews and 'mug of the month'.

Archived back issues of a Channel Islands magazine, which ran from April 1st 2010 to April 1st 2011. Offers a gallery showing the finer points of the island, and articles on topics such as sports and culture.

Provides their own take on politics and current affairs.

Political cartoons and commentary. Offers a print edition.