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A freelance journalist who writes mainly about foreign affairs. His articles have appeared in The Village Voice, The New Republic, The Washington Post, Salon, and The Wall Street Journal.

Portfolio of the Washington, D.C. based journalist, photographer, broadcaster and co-producer.

German reporter presents portfolio including features, reviews and columns.

Career, profile, and portfolio of the late New York newspaperman and editor.

Portfolio of independent journalist includes essays, reviews, and reporting for publications.

Resume, articles, photos, videos, and contact information for a staff reporter with The Boston Globe. (Alias Spikey Em).

Commentaries, memoirs, fiction, and book reviews by an award-winning journalist published in major media outlets across the United States.

Brief career outline for a journalist who is presenter and producer for the Environment Show on 2SER (Sydney Educational Radio 107.3fm).

Provides resources and services based on his television specials about current affairs topics, for use in high schools and colleges.

Journalist, graphic designer, writer in San Francisco.

Web site for Columbus, Ohio freelance journalist Tracy Zollinger Turner.

Portfolio of the Bay Area-based freelance writer and editor, specializing in travel, spirituality, and environmental and community issues.

Biography and archive for freelance writer and editor Teller, based in the UK and specializing in travel.

Profile of Seattle reporter, writer, editor and manager.

Film critic for New York Magazine featuring contact, work, and biographical information.

Philadelphia-based freelance journalist writing for magazines presents online portfolio.

Weblog and resume for a journalist whose work focuses on combining traditional and computer-assisted information-gathering with multimedia production to create news packages online.

Veteran freelance journalist with more than 15 years professional experience. Biography, samples of work, and contact information.

Netherlands based science writer for Dutch newspapers and magazines. Background and recent work.

Journalist focusing on interviews in English and Spanish.

Resume and pictures of the reporter, anchor, and broadcaster.

Archive, photos, and news of spokesperson, journalist and television media personality.

Writer specializing in the arts, social justice issues and cultural trends. Recent articles, reviews and contact information.

Freelance writer specializing in medicine, health policy, science, the environment and outdoor adventures.

Writes for RV Companion. guide to Senior Living.

Binational organization for the promotion of German-American understanding in the field of broadcasting. Bilingual site (German and English).

Seeking to enlighten journalists and society in freedom of speech. [Azerbaijan, English, Russian]

Organization that aims to push governments to promote social justice and rights for journalists.

An organization that struggles for press freedom. News, petitions and membership form.

Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting within the field of journalism.