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Analysis and commentary on politics and society.

Non-profit research organization, provides non-partisan reporting on public opinion and public policy issues, and an interactive resource to assist the news media in public policy research.

Coverage of politics, policy, management, technology, environmentand other topics for and about state and local governments.

News releases from consortium of policy researchers, who seek to broaden public discourse for perspectives commonly overshadowed by corporate sponsored influences.

News, analysis and commentary by daily electronic newspaper owned by its writers.

A quarterly journal with each issue devoted to commenting a specific theme of cultural relevance.

Publishes op-ed commentaries by global leaders and thinkers. Includes contributor profiles and topic-based content bundles.

News and Analysis from the Middle East.

Documentaries and features from an independent television production company covering the Middle East.

Links for Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnists including Bob Ray Sanders, Bud Kennedy, O.K. Carter, Dave Lieber, Gina Augustini Best, Linda Campbell, Don Erler, Paul Harral, Gary Hardee and David House.

Featuring regular installments by Chae, Richards, Fisher, Goldston, Herhold and Pizarro.

Cooper, Dickerson, Tompor, Stroud, Cross, Rothschild, Crim

More than 60 conservative columnists from various newspapers.

Directory of more than 45 nationally-respected columnists and cartoonists with conservative appeal.

Offers opinion and analysis columnists and editorial cartoonists. Full list plus directories by type.

Companion website for the Retire Smart syndicated column written by Mark Miller that appears in more than 30 newspapers each week. Provides current and archived columns and videos dealing with money, health, career and travel items.

Column for women tired of celebrity gossip and recipes. Deals with attitude, beauty, style and fun.

Weekly humor and general commentary column covering topics ranging from men/women relationships to space travel.

Doing it Doggy Style, and a humor column.

A humor column, covering current events, ideas, travel, personal experiences, and esoterica, with a tinge of social consciousness.

Essays about life, death, love, families, parents and children that have been reprinted in newspapers and magazines coast to coast.

The weekly saga is a stream-of-consciousness look at the very small things in life.

Humor column that appears weekly in the Calgary Sun, Winnipeg Sun and the London Free Press. Also an archive of past columns and a tribute to Gary Lautens.

Reports from the front lines of the profound and funny experience of becoming a geezer.

Columns from a syndicated humor columnist and home repair demon.

Read columns that will make you laugh and make you cry, bringing the South alive for you.

Family oriented humor site from award-winning writer, public speaker and family columnist.

Current and archived columns about politics, arts and culture from the Canadian humorist. Includes links to the worldwide papers carrying his columns and book ordering details.

A nationally syndicated humor columnist and satirist based in Washington, D.C.

Serious Humor. "The Truth Lies Within."