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An interactive country and rural living site with discussion forums, photo gallery, articles, how-to information, humor, sounds, and recipes.

Aims to strengthen rural areas by highlighting the initiatives and projects of rural communities, farmers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and activists.

Selected articles from the printed magazine for readers seeking voluntary simplicity and greater self-reliance with emphasis on home food production. Gardening, cooking, food preservation, and livestock. Has an active forum.

Progress of the Newberry family learning to live in a rural setting and building a house with earth using superadobe and cob building techniques.

Meet Maria and read her stories and observations of the waterfowl and wildlife who visit her home on the south shore of Long Island.

The last hill farm in Mansfield Vermont documents the history of a cottage farm dating from the 1700's. Contextual history from the 1850's to today, as well as links to current farm activities and events.

Five acres (2 Hectares) on the edge of Tokoiti, in South Otago, New Zealand.

This site is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry keeping throughout Australia and New Zealand

Large amount of information on building coops, health care, husbandry, forums and photos.

Photos and general information on care, housing, coop design, feed.

A.P.F is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry keeping throughout Australia and NZ.

Information about keeping American buff and tufted buff geese as a hobby in The Netherlands.

Keeping chickens tips and info, subscriber coops and photos. Free online magazine with the emphasis on keeping chickens for eggs and as pets.

Information and resources on poultry keeping. Features photos of UK standardised breeds of chickens, ducks and geese, vets list, health and disease information, news, breeders directory.

Sharing experiences and fun of raising chickens and backyard birding.

Forum run by a small group of enthusiasts / volunteers covering the keeping of chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry.

Reviews on poultry suppliers, housing, equipment, chicken supplies, raising and keeping backyard chickens.

They offer cage free poultry.

An informational guide to raising chickens in your backyard and homesteading in small spaces. Chickens, gardens, food preservation, recipes and homesteading.

Poultry breeder, author and genes expert Grant Brereton's website. Articles, information and news from the Fancy.

A blog about their hobby farm. They are raising sheep, chickens, ducks and rabbits.

An alphabetical list of more than 60 chicken breeds with comparative information.

Information about homesteading, organic gardening, self-sufficiency, seed saving, solar energy and recumbent bicycles.

Articles devoted to teaching you how to build a frugal and sustainable rural lifestyle.

An on-line book about one family's simple and sustainable-living lifestyle. Other pages include tips and inspiration for simple living, natural building, communities, the ecology and other topics.

Learn about frugal living, homesteading, English cottage gardening, and cheap meal recipes. Based in Victorian Queen Village, New York.

A site with a Message board and Chat room where viewers can share information and ask questions about all aspects of country living, homesteading, and home remedies.

Promotes small-scale low-technology agriculture and backyard fruit production. The emphasis is production of cane syrup, with essays on syrup chemistry and access to bulletins.

Articles and journal about homesteading, gardening, livestock, simple living. Offers homemade goat's milk soap, handcrafts, natural lotion bars, handmade rice bags.

Articles and weblog about back-to-basics living, by a homesteader with thirty years of experience.