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The complete guide to the operations of condominiums, planned developments and other common interest developments in California.

Aims to help consumers save time, money and stress by providing advice on how to properly building their own home

Guide to remodeling, refinancing, household budgets and getting the most enjoyment from your home.

A guide to buying, selling and maintaining a home.

Online resource for interaction between residents, boardmembers, committees and property managers of homeowner and condo associations.

Provides education and resources to America's residential condominium, cooperative, and homeowner associations, and to the professionals and suppliers who serve them.

Online system that allows HOAs to build and maintain sites; functions include page creation, event tracking, communication management and document handling.

Administers a national certification program, CMCA, that provides a standard of knowledge required for community managers.

The consumer's guide includes information on termite biology and the main destructive species. Published by The Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc.

Pest control advice for "do it yourselfers" and advice for selecting an exterminator.

Help with termites. Find out what they do, why they do it and how to avoid problems. Hints for choosing a pest controller and some fun and bizarre links.

Pest control tips, news, and descriptive pictures.

Homeowners guide to termite control including pictures for identification and general tips.

Guide to urban raccoon behavior as well as methods and tips for removing raccoons from the home.

Advice on the identification and elimination of bedbug infestation.

Thorough advice on matters relating to bed bugs.

Treehouse projects in France. All kids are fascinated by treehouses, up there, hosted by a living creature, safe and cosy as within a hand. The dream also often survives in adults.

Detailed pictures of two backyard houses built by a hobbyist in Marin County, California. Tips to consider when planning a treehouse.

Pictures and description of a vertiginous treehouse project by Patrick Fulton. Building advice, designs, book reviews, and examples of other projects.

Includes instructions, plans and kits for building a treehouse. Offers consulting services, and rentals in southern Oregon.

A not-for-profit organization with a large informational pest-control resource center.