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Advice and lists for preparing the home and family for emergencies. Written in the context of Y2K, but equally applicable for all emergency preparations. Includes a summertime test.

One stop source for women to gather and learn about preparedness. Featured is the Forum,'s Survival Talk for Women.

Nuclear accident/war preventative medicine FAQ with thyroid-blocking iodine sources.

Helping family and neighborhoods prepare for earthquakes, volcanoes, fires and floods, in Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula, and Pierce County, WA. Water storage barrels for sale.

Free guidebook to download. Illustrated emergency preparedness step-by-step checklist of survival kits and first aid supplies needed for any disaster.

A 46-page PDF guidebook with emergency preparedness checklists and tips for surviving different types of emergencies.

Internet source for worldwide disaster information.

Information on survival equipment and skills needed for many plausible scenarios.

News and information including disaster types, evacuation planning, food and water preservation and storage, weapons procurement, caching, first aid and survival medicine, plus reviews of survival books and products.

Tutorial on preparation for a wide range of emergency situations, from blizzards to volcanoes. Help on decision making, survival kits, and volunteering after a disaster. Advice for special needs of children, pets, and disabled.

US Government weather information and alerts.

A non-profit, non-political organization provided education, products and resources relating to preparedness strategies and techniques. Includes resource library, journal, and membership details.

Describes how to make a dehydrator and how to use it.

Information about emergency supplies and equipment, including solar panels, generators, wind power systems, batteries, off-the-grid computing, and equipment and systems for food storage.

Simply Prepared, a best selling book in Houston for two years, and Pantry Cooking, 350 recipes using only storable food.

Articles from The Ark Institute regarding food and water supply.

Information to help make homes more resistant to hurricane damage and put a disaster safety plan into action. Hurricane season predictions and links to natural disaster safety sites.

Helping to make homes into safe havens. Includes home safety recommendations, stories, project information, news and an online encyclopedia.

NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts alerts for national emergencies, tornadoes, thunderstorms, flash floods, mud slides, hurricanes, chemical spills, fires, and other natural and man-made disasters.

Includes family safety tips, lesson plans, and fire prevention information.

Includes fire safety tips for home or business.

Information and tips about fire extinguisher types and fire prevention. Information about the biggest fires in history.

Fire education consultants, specializing in fire safety, juvenile firesetting intervention, and other fire related concerns.