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Provides secure online storage and retrieval of advance medical directives and emergency medical documents.

Card summarizes an individual's health records regarding the name and strength of your medications and why they are prescribed.

Provides living wills at no cost to all who request them; stores your medical records and emergency medical information for immediate download by health care professionals worldwide.

Information about the services offered which include a health portfolio, medical data and security and safety. Gives benefits, costs and terms and conditions.

Portable health record to store personal health information and test results in a safe and secure way.

Information about the company and its services provided. Includes an introduction, fees, FAQs and contact details.

Provides a service that helps patients gather and use their medical records to improve their health care at home and while traveling.

Allows a consumer to create a personal medical folder. It assists medical practitioners to quickly review key medical information, and more accurately treat a patient, particularly in an emergency.

Subscription-based medical advice for companies and their employees.

Offers online medical consultation, general health information.

Offers online medical consultation and advice, latest medical news, atlas of anatomy and skin diseases, cancer risk and diabetes charts. English and Russian.

Comprehensive fee-based medical referral service.

Previous answers and easy access to personal advice and information at your request from Dr. Suneel Sharman.

An e-health company offering online and telephone based personal healthcare services. Ask physician or a specialist a question. Contains profiles with credentials details. Karnataka, India.